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Symprojects SPI-D Digital Speedo/Shift light Review and Competition!

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Brian Clancy, Oct 12, 2010.

  1. Symprojects SPI-D Digital Speedo/Shift light Review

    The Sim Hardware Forum is very pleased to continue the SymProjects Competition and the second product review today!


    The review (and competition) for the SymProjects SPI-D digital speedo and shift light:

    First Impressions:

    The unit came VERY well packaged in a good sized cardboard box and had a generous covering of bubble wrap. Once I had discarded the packaging, I was pleasantly surprised by the size and quality of the unit. The L.E.D. measures a nice 60mm w x 28mm h, the board itself is only a little larger at 78mm w x 41mm h, with an overall depth of approximately 20mm. This is an ideal size compromise, allowing for a relatively compact installation, but having a display large enough to be easily seen if it is mounted near a monitor (allowing it to be viewed without having to take your eyes off the track!). The overall quality of the board itself is high, the finish of the PCB, layout, mounting holes and 'feel' of the unit all make to give an impression of a well made device.


    The three digit speed display works very well with no visible interplexing or lag. It is connected to the PC with a mini USB cable, unfortunatly, unlike the GI-Max reviewed last month, it does not have provision to solder the USB cables leads directly to the board, but Cristiano has told me he will try to implement this feature in the next board revision. The other great feature is the shift light. The SPI-D comes complete with a very nice LED shift light (with plug and approx 45cm of lead) all made up, just plug it on to the board and program the RPM point in the SimDash software. This is a nice high quality LED unit, complete with fixings and is quite bright!

    shift-light.jpg Shift light small_SPI-D-back.jpg Back of Device


    The 'Sim Dash' software is a quick and easy download from the SymProjects site. I was pleased to find it very quick to install and most intuitive in its use. Once you run the Sim Dash software you just click on the SPI-D banner. It then has a simple slider bar to adjust the brightness of the display, a couple 'tick' boxs to set 2 or 3 three digit display, MPH or KPH and to turn on or off the 'shift light' function and a box to assign the desired RPM for the shift light if desired. (See pic below)

    Sim Dash v1.2

    Using the SPI-D:

    Once you have plugged the device in with a suitable mini USB cable and run/configured the Sim dash software, its time to play! I have built a special housing to display all the SymProjects products (pics below) but you can simply rest the SPI-D near the monitor or anywhere you like. The display is VERY bright at its max setting. Being able to check your speed, clearly, without taking your eyes completly off the screen is a big advantage, especially in testing when you are playing with downforce/gearing settings etc. This little unit really adds to the feeling of 'immersion', especially if you build it into a dash or a Dispaly unit.
    There are some pictures of the unit being used in my 'display unit’ below.


    What can be achieved, with a little thought, some very basic D.I.Y. skills and tools, and of course, Symprojects excellent devices!


    Supported Titles:

    At £28.50, this is a really great device. Very well made, great functionality and good, easy to use software too. It’s pretty hard to find fault with it to be honest. If there was one gripe (and I'm being very hard here saying this) there is currently no option to purchase a box or stand for the unit. But luckily, the Sim Hardware Forum here at RD can help with that!

    [FONT=&quot]Value: [/FONT]93 points - Really, another top value item at pocket money prices

    [FONT=&quot]Quality: [/FONT]93 points - Top notch construction and finish

    [FONT=&quot]Functionality: [/FONT]97 points - With the built in shift light, its top marks again!

    [FONT=&quot]Buy One???: [/FONT]Oh YES! I have already owned one for a few months now! If you even vaguely like techie stuff for sim racing, this is a great item!

    [FONT=&quot]RD Rating : 283/300 - [/FONT]That’s another VERY high score for a Symprojects Product!

    Race Department and I would like to thank Cristiano for his kind donation of the devices for the competition and review and the generous 5% discount for all RD members (just use this code at the checkout ' RD-FIVE-OFF ')[FONT=&quot].[/FONT] The Symprojects Site can be found HERE


    If you would like to win the SPI-D that I have been reviewing here, entry is very simple. No questions, just post your NAME only HERE. The only condition is you MUST be an RD donator on the day I pick the winner. If you have already entered a previous Symprojects competition, you name will already be on the list so please dont Re-enter as there is no need:)
    I will pick the winner (with a random name generator) on or around the 12 of November 2010, so get posting! ALL staff may ENTER with the exception of myself and Kris Vickers (as we are Sim Racing Hardware Forum Mods)


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  2. Kris Vickers

    Kris Vickers
    Hardware Staff

    Great review Brian, as ever :)

    But.... the link to the forum confusingly goes to the first post, which shows 'Competition Closed'. I know this of for the first SimProjects review/comp you did, but maybe not everybody will?

    I`d sort it myself, but i dont want to go barging in changing stuff incase thats how you wanted it?

    Keep up the good work :)
  3. Cheers Kris, I had done this, but for some reasion the old post still showed? Anywho, done now :tongue:
  4. wow! is there anywhere you can buy that faceplate? And what does the knobs do?
  5. Yes I am also curious about the " knobs "
  6. Hi Groover :)

    I make the Tach display unit, just PM me for more info if you wish:). The knobs/switches are used as follows:

    Top switch: Turns off/on the backlight on the Tach
    Lower switch: Turns off/on the larger shift light on the tach
    Top knob: Dimmer for the tach backlight
    Lower knob: Dimmer for the larger shift light on the tach
  7. Great review once again Brian, your (and Kris's) work and reviews have really have added something to the quiet world of Sim Racing hardware here at RD!
  8. Brian any chance you can share a bit of information regarding the construction of that wonderful instrument fascia and stand that youve built. Any templates, drawings, circuit diagrams etc.. or anything please.
  9. I bought folowing your review the GI max and SLI-D and im realy bad with all this plugin stuff and...
    But this was so easy and immidiatly everything works perfectly I forgot to use the discount but any way worth every penny I recommand to all and thank you RD for great review.

  10. Glad you like it.

    I'm going to buy mine within the next couple of weeks, providing I can get my miss to stop spending my money.:D

    how have you mounted yours buddy? Do you have any pictures or videos that you can share with us.

    Have you signed up to the Symproject forum yet?
  11. Whats the size of the light? i need to drill a hole on my box. Thanks