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Symprojects | Official Support Thread

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Brian Clancy, Aug 6, 2011.

  1. This is the place for all things Symprojects.com :)
  2. And to start things off, SimDash 1.3.3 was released today, you can D/L it here: http://www.symprojects.com/downloads/

    New functionalities added to this version:
    • Support for Dirt 3
    • Support for Need for Speed Shift 2
    • Support for Game Stock Car
    • There is a new type of data available and it is the RPM expressed in %. this allows you to configure the shift light/gear indicator using % instead of absolute RPM. So when you change the car you don’t have to change the RPM value of the shift light. Rpm % can be used with the SPI-D, GI Max, GI Pro, Pro Shift and SimScreen. It is supported by all the simulators that can display the "Max RPM" data item.
    • The SimScreen now displays Memory usage, network usage, volume settings. Load and temperature of every CPU/core can be displayed if CoreTemp is installed and started before SImDash or the SimScreen Editor.
    • The GI Max and GI Pro configuration screens have been changed a little, added a couple new settings.
    • It is now possible to connect more SimScreens at the same time and display different designs on each of them.
    • There is a new firmware for the Pro Shift. If you use the new version the Pro Shift will be seen by Windows as an USB Game Controller with 4 buttons available which can be assigned functions in the game. The other functionalities of the Pro Shift will remain the same.
  3. Pro Shift - Does anyone know why this PCB only supports Gear, RPM and Speed in RBR when other pieces of data are
    available in both of the software dashes available?

    Are there any other boards out there that will support other pieces of data that are shown in that software dashboards used in RBR..