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Sydney/Homebush Telstra 500

Discussion in 'RACE 07 Mods' started by FlashQld, Jul 8, 2010.

  1. Just letting you know we have posted our V1 of Sydney Telstra 500 Homebush circuit for testing here in the EVO downloads section and at FVRFactor.com. Give it a whirl. A few brakemarkers missing at this point but we'll get them in for the next update. Come visit us at FVRFactor.com for the new version of Townsville (within the week), Hamitlon and Surfers Paradise circuits all for EVO, GTR2 and rFactor.
  2. already in love with Homebush!
  3. I get a minidump crash when I tried it last night. Both with V8 supercars and the default WTCC 2007 cars. Running Race On.
  4. If EVO is installed it appears to be fine. Just letting you know we're looking at the issue now
  5. Well found the problem. It appears it doesn't like to be in the V8SC folder. But the paths need to be changed in the TRK file to remove this. I will post a fix very shortly.
  6. Okay guys - fix found. It appears it may be just an offline version issue not a steam version. Correct me if I am wrong but we have tried various things. It appears in the OFFLINE version of RACE ON not EVO it does not like the V8SC folder - if you would like to attempt the fix prior to us posting a fix. If you move the FVR_Sydney folder into your Locations folder out of the V8SC folder. Then open up FVRSydney.trk and you need to edit a couple of lines as follows.



    What it should look like

  7. Good stuff again, FVR. Narrow and claustrophobic, just as it is in real life.

    I'll be using this quite a bit in the near future... :D
  8. actually it worked for me in the v8 folder. crashed out of it.
  9. Ah, thats why. I actually put it in wrong. I put the FVRSydney folder into the Locations, not the V8SC folder into Locations.

    But with the fix of the paths above it works with just the FVRSydney folder in Locations.
  10. Wow what a great track, can't wait to see this track on the Club section.
  11. It might be a little too narrow for club events, certainly for anything bigger than Mini's i think.
  12. The size should be pretty much exactly right, give or take a few millimetres. Although I did widen one section for about a 100metre length. If you do an outside view of your car its actually quite wide, just looks claustrophobic from the cockpit view. It may make it hard for online racing but the real circuit didn't have that many passing points so its all a matter of patience.
  13. Ah right, I didn't look from the outside, only from the bonnet view which I use for saloons/GT's, and it looks narrow from there. Was also thinking more of the speed, go into a corner in, say, an F3000, a metre or 2 late, and you'll end up with all 4 wheels off, and upside half way down the next straight :D
  14. The track was designed for the V8 Supercars which are a large family sedan. I'm not sure what events they had there on the day but I would guess Formula Fords would have been the only open wheelers. Its far too tight for anything over the top. Personally I think if it wasn't in Sydney it wouldn't have been allowed. The Gold Coast circuit was always regarded as too tight and this thing was tighter. The nice part it had thrills and spills and good tight racing. It was specatcular but really was more of a crash fest. Good TV viewing.
  15. I would go for the US Muscle cars on this track! They were made for 90 degree turns and long straights like this much more than for twisty tracks like Indianapolis infield or Macau. Also if you hit the wall, you have the best chance to survive in these! Also if you collide with somebody, these are the most stable and massive cars in the game! The Mini would spin in an accident much easier, and for formula cars this track is way too deadly.
  16. Our choice of mod for this track would be FVRV8 2009 which it was designed for. Of course the FVRV8 2010 EVO mod which will be released as soon as we finish testing it.
  17. This is my current test track for the FVRV8 2010 cars and it really is a thrill to drive and you do need to keep your brain on the game! I have had 2010 AI running at 100% and this makes for great racing. There is a few passing places that with smart drivers that actually care about getting to the end of the race, online racing should be good fun. I think a race based more on larger lap counts instead of sprint races would provide better patients and better finishing numbers. This more than most tracks on the market would prove that you can't win a race at T1 Lap 1 and should maybe "offer" double infraction points for those hot headed drivers!!

    P.S. Just for LOL's Try the F1 2007 here hahahahaha now that is just insane driving experience!
  18. But, best to install the track as it was intended as you will most likely get online mis-match using a modified file...
  19. Ah, thx. Will do that. Will also try the F1's here...see how interesting that is...