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Misc SweetFX Settings 1.1

SweetFX Settings

  1. lyolik submitted a new resource:

    SweetFX Settings - SweetFX Settings

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  2. not working on windows 8.1 .
  3. Great looking mod but one problem i can't see steam ingame while this mod is installed.What is the problem ? can you fix it?Otherwise great job !
  4. Compatible with Windows 8 and Steam FIX - soon ;)
  5. Thanks that is loads better m8 ,, I noticed after looking at a lot of Mclaren pictures that the game had too much reflection when in real life I noticed that there is hardly any reflection it his more a Matt finish to it that looks a lot more realistic,,,

    I am struggling to find Something I am wanting to mod I want to add the inside of the Helmet like in Pcars this would be a insane mod ,,
    I found the visor months ago inside 2012 and thought this would be awesome but after looking inside 2013 I can not remember where I saw the inside of the Visor?

    I also noticed why Codemasters make the tires really dark because when you make them shine after locking up I noticed that there is no Damage to the Tire , But because I play a lot of TT And online I may be mistaken in Career mode does the Tire receive Damage after Locking up?
  6. I read that this is not compatible with 64 bits, when will be abaliable?
  7. Can't be used with Fraps...
  8. Works with my system and it 64 bit mate
  9. new version does not work on triple screen setup, when I use this new version I only get 1 monitor to work, the other 2 screens are black... Old version is working fine!
  10. Maybe you could package your original settings together as an extra option.
    Personally, i would like to give a shot to those.
  11. thanks
  12. You do realise that SweetFX is at version 1.51
  13. looks good but dosnt work on win8.1
  14. Works nice for me, looks great and i still get 85FPS minimum on the benchmark test. Cheers
  15. Can I record with fraps while using this mod?
  16. Works fine on my Win7 64-bit system, thank you. Especially it is not as exaggerated as the trimmed version of F1 2012 :geek:

    Record I do with the function of RadeonPro because Fraps does not work with SweetFX - at least for me.
  17. What is that means "SweetFX Settings" ?
    Please explain it to me, guys, my english is pretty poor.
    Thank you
  18. Im not sure of the details, but it makes the game look better, but it does affect framerates