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Misc SweetFX Enhanced Graphics Settings 2.0

New SweetFX Settings

  1. ALKMNDZA submitted a new resource:

    SweetFX Enhanced Graphics Settings by ALKMNDZA 2.0 - New SweetFX Settings

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    Last edited: Nov 6, 2013
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  2. game wont start if i copy this files on game directory....any help?
  3. Nice graphics, awesome... but I can't longer use the Steam In-Game interface and functions.
    The Scroll Lock key function only works for Enable/Disable this effect, but I still can't use the Steam interface even though I disabled the effects.

    Some fix or solution for this problem, please? I only can use again the Steam In-Game interface by deleting this file: dxgi.dll... but I lose the SweetFX effects.

    PD: I use Windows 7 64 bits.
    Last edited: Nov 2, 2013
  4. its something with dxgi.dll
  5. It's about my problem?
  6. no, for my problem :):)
  7. Kurt Vanhee

    Kurt Vanhee

    Working....maybe a good idea to let people know howto change the buttons to activate etc.
    For me its ok.
  8. Same for me... I delete these file and I can use the Steam In-Game interface again =) but I lose the SweetFX effects =(

    PD: I use Windows 7 64 bits.
  9. hmm w8ing both for answers then!!
  10. anyone with an amd gpu can use radeon pro to inject sweetfx into any game:


    not sure if nvidia do the same but i've been using RP for a long while now and it works really nicely, instead of having to drop files into the game folder you set it up through and edit any settings you want through RP. damn sweet fx indeed :D - all you'd need to do is import the settings file for this particular setup.

    (some applications have an issue with a d3d9.dll or dxgi.dll in a game folder - ambx for eg so using RP circumvents that too).
  11. The only thing i can tell you. you can try to donwload different version of sweefx (1.3, 1.4 or 1.5), see what sweetfx works for you and made the same settings i made for this mod (SweetFX 1.4)

    I use 1.4 version because i cant open the game with 1.5 version (64 bits support)
  12. Change the SweetFX keys to those you want to use, check the first post (Edited :D)
    If the problem persist, try to donwload the sweetFX 1.5 (64 bits support) and make the same changes that I did :D
  13. I get the 1.5 version, but what is the file that I must be edit for make the changes?
    Last edited: Nov 2, 2013
  14. Open both "SweetFX_settings.txt" files from your 1.5 and my 1.4, you can use "compare option" in notepad++, if its not, you most see what lines i activate and what settings i use in every line. Try to made the same change in your 1.5

    Did you change the "keys" like you want? On my settings? You said the sweetFX works for you but this not alow you to use the "steam" keys, so... you can chose your keys and use my 1.4 version without problem, i guess

    Good Luck!
  15. No problem with 1.5 version. I can use again the In-Game Steam interface.
  16. Good for you
  17. Awesome settings. Good job!
  18. Thanks!
  19. Working in a better SweetFX settings, including "low" and "ultra" smaa settings, and a "natural light & colors" version (Base from @Vincentric)
    Comming Soon
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