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Database SweetFX Config 1.0

This is a SweetFX preset.

  1. K-putt submitted a new resource:

    K-putt'e SweetFX Config - This is a SweetFX preset.

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  2. screenshot?
  3. There are 3 already on the "release site".
    But here are some more.

    You can find some before-after screenshots on this site.
    I may gonna add some of them on the release site some time later.



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  4. any performance impact with this mod?
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  5. I like to try this out because your screenshots look awesome ! :)

    But I followed the instructions and I do not see any difference at all.

    I have 2 x NvidiaGigabyte 560ti OC in SLI mode and with latest nVidia drivers.

    Pressing Insert key does not do anything at all and screen pic remains the same.

    Can you offer any clues as to what might be wrong ?

    My system is Win7 Ultimate 64bit so I tried the 64bit versions of the program as well as the original but it made no difference. :(
  6. Maybe 2-3 fps. Probably depends on the system.

    Did you put only my files into your install folder? This preset uses another Injector. There are 2 out there.
    One is from Ceejay.dk, and the one i use is from Boulontaur2024.

    I used the one from Boulontaur because his' injector does some things better, but a bit slower.
    I also updated the shaders from ceejay's sweetfx 1.5.1 to boulontaurs injector.
    You don't need the 64bit dll's by the way. The game is 32bit.

    You could change the Keys if you like.
    Open the "SweetFX_settings.txt" in your install folder and change those settings.

    // key_toggle_sweetfx = 45 ; 45 = Einfg
    // key_screenshot = 35 ; 35 = Ende->
    // key_reload_sweetfx = 46 ; 46 = Entf

    // key_toggle_sweetfx = 145 ; 145 = the SCROLL_LOCK key
    // key_screenshot = 44 ; 44 = PRINTSCREEN
    // key_reload_sweetfx = 19 ; 19 = the PAUSE key

    And save. That are the standard keys for sweetfx.

    Also, if you have some OSD's enabled, (Fraps,Rivatuner,Afterburner etc.) disable them.

    I hope something of this helps you :)
  7. Thanks I finally discovered that Fraps was causing it to fail.

    It is very good actually like it alot :) Is it ok to run FXAA and supersampling from the nVidia control panel with this ? ... or not needed ?
  8. You don't really need fxaa in this case. But it doesn't hurt to have it on :)
  9. Thank you.:thumbsup:
  10. when i copy those files in the game directory,game doesnt start... and if i delete them it start normally again...
    anyone knows what happend?
  11. I'm curious, why did you go with FXAA instead of SMAA?
  12. what is fxaa and what is smaa... im newbie sry...
    is there an option to change?
  13. FXAA works, sometimes, better than SMAA. You can change it and see for yourself :)

    Did you disable your OSD's? Fraps etc.

    FXAA/SMAA is "Post Anti Aliasing" which is, in a simple way, a blur filter for high contrast edges (aliased edges)
    FXAA makes the image sometimes unsharp. SMAA doesn't do this, but sometimes misses some aliased edges.
    Fortunately SweetFX has the Lumasharpen shader, and with that you can compensate for FXAA's unsharp edges.

    And MSAA is Hardware Anti Aliasing and Multisamples whole pixels. Which is much better, but needs much more performance.
  14. thanks for your answer no i did not disable anything...
    how can i disable osds and fraps or anything needed to play with
    thanks in advance
  15. I had the same issue in f12012,i had to install direct x from inside the game folder,in f12013 it is in the support folder,which is in the main f12013 folder
  16. well if i copy dxgi.dll file from folder game crashes as i said before...
    if i dont copy this file game starts but no visual changes ... that means i need that file...
    but game doesnt start with it.....
  17. Just close Fraps or Rivatuner.
    If that doesn't help, check if you have Visual C++ Redist 32/64bit installed. If not, install them.
  18. i dont know what fraps is.. and i dont have rivatuner on my pc...
    yes ofc i have c++ redist on my pc... wtf going on ???

    the problem is with dxgi.dll file
    Last edited: Oct 8, 2013
  19. do you know why when I enable your sweetfx settings, I get a blue line at the bottom and on the left side of my screen ?

    Tried other sweetfx settings and I dont have the same problem.

    Also tried to take screenshot of the problem, but the blue line doesn't show on it.

  20. That's a problem with Chromatic Aberration. And i don't know how to fix this. Someone would have to change some things in the shader. Which i can't do because i can't write shaders.
    I may have to ask CeeJay about this. As far as i know he wants to do a similar shader.

    You can simply disable this effect in the SweetFX_settings.txt though.
    #define USE_CA 1 to 0

    You won't see much difference with it off. It just "blurs" the sides of the image a tiny bit.
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