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Sweet Lamb rally track - WIP

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by eno72, Apr 22, 2009.

  1. just some shots of this Wales WRC SS I'm making for RBR (based on the December 2008 real stage).
    Consider it is still under construction: a significant portion of terrain to be modelled, many objects to be made and added, better far scenery to be built, bump maps, etc... :coffee2: ...maybe I'm globally halfway...:wink2:

    14th May 09: two pics with whole map in btb and small video added (start is at top left of the map in the pic, video stops after first 180┬░ bend)
    it gives an idea of final aspect (even more objects and terrain materials will be added in the end).


    8th June 09: rivers and streams completely remade. Main terrain completed, needs refinement. Road camber/slopes adjusted for better driving experience. Started making custom objects, like the buildings and barracks in finish area. Found a satisfactory way to make far scenery. Going to prepare all extra textures for terrain. Pics are now obsolete, I will update them soon. Now I should be globally at 75% progress.

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  2. It's actually good looking :victory:

    Keep the good work.

    Have a nice day.
  3. It looks awesome mate, you did good use of elevation. Looking forward to it...
  4. Really good looking.
    Well done :wink2:
  5. thanks Jamie, now I have to reproduce the old mine close to the river (finally found actual photos in internet!).
    The point about it is: I chose this stage just looking at its lenght, that is 5Km. So I thought it would be quick to make as first track. Then I realized that, since it goes on open hills with important elevations, I have to model A LOT of terrain. But the results are encouraging.
  6. It already looks great! Keep going!
  7. small update in first post.
    Slow, but inexorable.
  8. The mesh is very good and could be use for 3dsmax mapping and wallaby. Please don't stop this project and keep working, it looks well done. :dance2:

    P.S.: About far scenery limitation, I don't know...sorry
  9. don't worry mate, I really want to finish it. As I usually say: with utmost calm, but without wasting time :wink2:
  10. Just to give a sign of life.... :)

    My track is shaping up nicely (imho), I hope a first release for RX plugin will come shortly, right after summer vacation.
    In the meantime, thanks to Jay_p_666 for spectators, vans and cars, wood logs and wood heaps; thanks to woodn for his "tractor" and roller; thanks to 6e66o for letting me use a couple of banner textures from his RBR France textures.
    All the rest was made from scratch.

    And of course thanks to Piddy and Jharro, otherwise I would have never even imagined to start making tracks for RBR.

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  11. wow i missed that post.

    look awesome eno72, i can see a lot of custom 3D objects... really hard and good work, glad to see you are working for RBR.
  12. Absolutely lovely :silly:
    Hope to see it asap!
  13. Wow, how did i miss this. Lovely work :good:
  14. Fantastic work!! :in-love:
  15. Looks absolutely amazing, particularly impressed with the terrain! Great work!