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Swapping Drive Lines

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by MaxVK, Nov 6, 2009.

  1. This is primarily for RBR but is just as valid for rFactor:

    Just supposing I had a track area where there were several possible routes to take, and I wanted to race the track using a new route. The original track and route are saved and exported to the game and working fine.

    However, lets assume that I rename the track in BTB and export it to the game again. I now have two identical tracks in game, but with different names.

    Back in BTB the track, the scenery etc, are all in place, so manually editing the drive lines is very slow. Is it possible to strip the track of all objects and scenery, change the drive line accordingly, then export this new track (Still with nothing but the track itself) to the game and then swap the drive line file (is there one?) into one of the copies of the original track?

    In theory this would mean that the original track has a workable drive line file (if that is in a file) , but Iv been able to change it relatively quickly.

    Does this make sense? If not, let me know and Ill try again.


  2. Well, to answer my own question just in case anyone else needs this:

    The answer is yes. In the exported track folder are two files, driveline.ini and pacenotes.ini, heres what I do with them:

    I export my original track, then export it again with another name.
    In BTB I reload my original track and remove everything except the track, then save it with a new name.

    I can then edit the driveline and pacenotes to create a new route around the track(s) and export this bare track with an obvious name.

    In RBR folder, in the RX_Content/tracks folder, are your tracks. Taking the two files mentioned above, and copying them from the bare track with the obvious name, into the second original track (and overwriting the originals in that folder) you then get the same track, but with a new route, and it took much less time to edit the driveline, than it would have done with all the scenery, objects and walls etc.

    This certainly helped me out, and I hope its useful for someone else.