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Suzuki XRH-1 Skin for PGM Motors Team 2

The Suzuki team will enter MotoGP in 2015, why not make the bike available now?

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  1. Great bike....can you also make the rain dds for suits?Thx for this cool skin at the moment;)
  2. Thx for the update:thumbsup:
  3. Pretty Suzuki. Shame that it's impossible to change in text PBM to SUZUKI, I guess. But skin is brave! :)
  4. rkh


    Wait, is it replacing Paul Bird Motorsports? I just got confused with Baroz' PGM comment :)
    If so, it will have PBM specs and those will have to be edited, too weak right now. While we won't know the true Suzuki power yet, they are still 0.8 secs off the pace right now in testing, however, they are way better than PBM. Just want to make sure, so I can edit it... Thanks!
  5. can u make the MotoGP 13 version pls?