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Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by stop, Sep 29, 2014.

  1. So what version of Suzuka will FSR be using? Will it be the F1RFT version or will it be a conversion from rF1?
  2. This message is from yesterday.
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  3. Download here or server. First (and final) time I do this sort of project. Much new to this track, so test online to see if there are any major collision bugs etc. If not, I might release this a bit wider, rF2 needs a proper Suzuka. And no, anti-cuts will not be added, neither run-off tarmac.
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  4. Track is good in terms of bugs, can't see any bugs, the only thing i can critisise about this track is in my opinion the realroad texture could be better and more real

  5. Runoff area after Degner 1 sends car airborne (i'm saying that with deep sadness because I love Suzuka)
    Edit: looks like RF2 bug, car looses all downforce on the kerb and flies away
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  6. Looks more like a bug in your setup to me. Did this a zillion times tonight, not once did this happen. Here's one of many:

    Maybe check to add some more packers or something. :thumbsup:
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  7. This was done on default setup.
  8. This is clearly visible, yes.
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  9. Think you are your own worst enemy there then. Default setups on pretty much 99% of any mod are average at best.
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  10. This is not the point of the message. Whatever, you may ignore it if you like, JES asked to report any problems and so I did.
  11. You're the one who shouldn't ignore it, in your setup. When Kimi's Ferrari is bottoming out and hitting bumps in the road, they don't run to JES to report it, they adjust their setup accordingly by adding spring, packers or whatever.

  12. I can't understand why Kimi or my setup bother you, sorry. Don't drink too much coffee please.
  13. You can't just expect any setup to work on any track without consequences. LOL.

    And thanks, but I don't drink coffee.
  14. It's ok to report things. I had a look at it already and there is nothing weird with that curb, no invisible walls. What likely happens is your rear left wheel dips down (astro is on a bit lower level than curb), and you probably bottom out, or rF2 physics thinks you do and throws front to air.
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  16. "Removed height difference between Degner 1 curb and astro, because some drivers or car setups could not handle it"

    I hope the reason of that change is sarcastic... It loose all the challenge of that curb

    Typic Formula one mind : Give the track easy for drivers who complain....

    I'm not agree about this. I ran wide and took that curb and went to the wall 2 times : I know why i failed and didn't remake that mistake because i knew i was too fast with a not optimized setup...
    If drivers can't handle that easy but challenging corner, that's not the fault of the drivers who search the extra limit in that corner but achieve it with maestria...
    It levels now medium and good drivers.

    I'm really p*ssed about this change... The racing line will be so weird again
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  17. Were you using 50 mm rear ride height or what?

    Anyway with such low car once you clip that kerb you should go directly to the gravel.

    About what Morgan said, nothing else to add. It's like what Monza did with Parabolica. We will see it flat out in qualy, far from being real.

    Seems isn't enough the amount of downforce generated at high speed by this car so we allow people taking this corner flat out.

    Whatever mod we use next year we should consider decreasing the amount of downforce generated at high speeds. Some corners are turning just ridicolous.
  18. Well I wouldn't have minded the old design at all, but this is how it is. Some drivers complains lack of grip on astro, others get angry when changed. One says bug here, other there. This is why I'm not motivated to continue this next year. In old days in FSR there was just one track version and it was accepted as it is, now it has become a full-time job to edit tracks.
  19. Look closer to the thread.