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Suzuka turn 1 AI flaw

Discussion in 'F1 2012 - The Game' started by BlazingRiCO, Sep 30, 2012.

  1. And I just as I'm doing a quick race at Suzuka and set a fast lap I noticed 2 cars went off track and retired.
    So I parked my car at turn 1 to check out and yes, almost every car misses the turn completely and ends in the wall, some crash, others can drive away again. Anyone else noticed that ?

    Notice the count of cars that are still in the qualify !







  2. Lol! Crazy bug xD Maybe will be fixed with the 2nd patch though
  3. Yea I hope so :p Cause this ones far beyond 'normal' :O_o:
  4. Maybe that happened cause of the spot you choose to park your car.... maybe :rolleyes:
  5. Chris

    Ted Kravitz Appreciation Society Staff Premium

    I've noticed this too!
  6. this will also happen in race:D
  7. Although it is tarmac, it is a escape area, the track is to the right of the green band.
  8. Apparently some people at the CM forum posted that this huge AI fail happens AFTER the 2nd patch. This game starting to piss me off :s
  9. Just had me career race at Suzuka and it happened to me, about 8cars DNF'd and most of others were miles behind due to pitstop for front wings
  10. Hopefully they fix it in the next patch.
  11. mau


    I happen to me in canada
  12. Just checked again, parked my car at the same spot. 17 cars DNF'd in a 15 minute qualify, got suspended after 14 mins lol
  13. Is it possible due to overclocking pc cpu ? Just asking cause things like this happen in the past... I haven't tried race Suzuka yet but will check it out.
  14. Yes this has only started to happen after Patch 2 was installed.

    Patch 3 may address it, i posted this bug on CM website in the tech section.

    Yet to see a reply about it though.

  15. Well I have now successfully run 3 different races at Suzuka and no cars crashed or acted strangely at Turn 1.

    Is there some other thing going on in common with all your PC setups ?

    Perhaps you post your specs and try to figure out ? Just trying to help because this bug definately not affecting me and I have been on Patch#2 for 3 days now without issues.
  16. I never saw any cars crash there, maybe because when I parked to watch it became yellow flags so they slowed down? However when I restarted the race and just drove around about 9 cars were listed as retired after about 7 laps.
  17. Way before patch 1 some people found similar problems in Montreal http://www.racedepartment.com/forum...st-news-discussion.49425/page-11#post-1249949


    If it doesn't happen for everybody, imagine it is some AI difficulty level in combination with a grip level and tire type that just takes the turn too fast.

    This depending on the PC specs or overclocking would mean the program is not deterministic, I really doubt that is the case...
  18. I was racing on professional with all aids off and I never saw any AI crash at Suzuka or Montreal.

    My PC is slightly overclocked using built in settings from my Asus mobo with Intel 2600k cpu with 16gb Ram, 2 x Gigbyte Nvidia560oc SLI with latest nvidia drivers (not overclocked just factory settings). All other drivers are up to date. Win7 64bit Ultimate.

    I run this game on Max settings 16xQCSAA Vsync On also using Nvidia Inspector I selected 4 x Supersampling and Gamma Off with High Quality graphics and I don't get the graphical glitches I saw some people report after patch#2.

    So maybe it is my rig or I am just lucky but I had heard before that AI does crazy things when system is overclocked too much.
  19. Do you guys have any mods - other than textures - installed?
  20. Only texture mods for me mate.

    Seems to be at it's worst for me when the race or qual is wet.