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Sutil's 2013 Helmet

Discussion in 'F1 2012 Mods' started by magicaltrevor, Mar 2, 2013.

  1. See readme for instructions on how to install. While Gerald has already done a great version of this, I'd already started on this one and I figured I'd finish it anyway. [​IMG]Mirror:mediafire

    Sutil's 2013 Helmet
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  2. Thanks
  3. Thanks beautiful :thumbsup:
  4. No problem handsome :thumbsup:

    Glad you guys like it.
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  5. Thank you, great job!
  6. Chris

    Ted Kravitz Appreciation Society Staff Premium

    Wonderful work! It looks terrific in game!
  7. Thanks .... Friend:thumbsup:
  8. Hi. You made a great work in Sutil's Helmet and I ask if is possible made the same for the Portuguese Pilot Antonio Felix da Costa? Thanks.;)

  9. Hope you'll make the remaining as well. :)
    Bianchi looks great too.
    As i'm not doing anymore helmets.
    I'm working on my personal 2013 team.
    Thanks in advance.
  10. Sure, I might do Pic's helmet after Bianchi if you're not doing it already

    I think your best bet is the request thread. It's probably going to be a while before I have time to do something like that.

  11. Good. :)