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Suter MMX500 Rothams Racing v.1

Twostroke legend re-born

  1. Hi,
    How do I have to import it?
  2. Oh sorry, lazy me assumes everybody know how to install these mods :)

    Just extract the Ride2 content into Ride2 game folder which is located in Program/Steam/Steamapps/Common/
  3. Thanks, but I can not find the bike in the game
  4. You can buy the DLC. Or if you want unlock it without buying the DLC, there is a way to do that aswell.

    If you extract the Data.mix file
    You can find this folder, DATA\DB\DLCLOCKEDDBS
    Inside here, you have a bunch of BML files, if you want to do it like me, just add another letter to your BML file, for example DB_DLCS.BMLL (i have added another L to the BML file type)

    Now create a new Data.mix file with the modified content and put inside the Ride2 folder.

    This way the game unlocks all the bikes available. Not sure if this counts as editing your Data file, but it may harm you to use online features. So backup your stuff before you do this.
  5. thank you very much;)
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  6. ok, so i found the bike file i wanted, however once i have made changes and re packed, Istart the game and the bike in question is corrupted.. it looks all stretched and messed up? I didn't do anything other than edit the .dds and re pack. don't know where i went wrong? the only difference i can see is my new file size is much smaller... any advice?