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Support for Track Builders- In what form will it be?

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by Lee Knight, Oct 4, 2012.

  1. I guess the tittle says it all really...
    I've looked through the threads here & seen no mention of HOW tracks can be built for Assetto Corsa & I'm wondering if a set of 'tools' will be provided with/for it, if track builders 'have to' swap over to 3D Studio Max & it's pug-ins OR, if there might be a simpler tool for 'converting' a BTB build Exported in DirectX (or DX Text) format to A-C's format....
    Or then again, perhaps Mr Noonan is looking at adding Assetto Corsa to the tabs in 3D SimEd?
    I'd be most interested to know please....
    Also, would it be possible to finally have timed interval starts in a sim much like they do at the IOM TT as well as rally & sprint races?
  2. Aristotelis

    Kunos Simulazioni

    It's similar process to car creation. Any 3D editor will do as long as it exports in .FBX format. Once done and exported, you load it in to our 3D Editor to assign shaders and whatever else needed and you're done... (sort of)
    As far as I know, our 3D artists all use different 3D editors. 3DS Max, XSI, Lightwave ecc.. Anyone will do, just export in proper FBX format.

    More specific details needed obviously but I'm not an expert in the matter so you will have to wait for official documentation on the matter.
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  3. Thank you for the prompt reply Aristotelis!
    Hmmm......it looks like Im going to have to learn to convert in some way as I use BTB & I don't think that it will be updated to handle .FBX anytime soon nor can I afford 3DS Max :(
    Unless of course someone can reveal a way of converting DirectX (or even DX Text) to .FBX
  4. magicfr


    I think you can use free modeler like Blender, and export to FBX files.
    And maybe you can import your file to Blender too.
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  5. Sweet!
    I'll give this a try in the coming weeks as I have at least 2 here I can use as an experiment....
    Is it just shaders that need to be allocated/assigned for A-C tracks?
    Will the AIW & sector gates transfer through this process?
    Where CAN I go to get more information about track building for Assetto Corsa?
    It would be nice to have some long tracks ready for it's release...;)
  6. Quick question about track making.. will we able to make "rally track".. with a Start line being at a different location than the Finish line ?

    I mean, I really have to make my way from my house to the office and see if I can gain some time on my PB :D
  7. magicfr


    It is possible in Netkar Pro ;)