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SuperV8 pitboxes

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by juliel55, Sep 23, 2015.

  1. Is there away to change the pitboxes for the SuperV8's. I have made myself a championship using Australian tracks but at some tracks I am having a problem with some cars clashing in the same pitboxes. I tried to change the pitgroup in the VEH file for these cars but it didn't work. Is there something I'm missing.
  2. Look in the AIW file, that's where the team pit boxes are set

  3. Sounds like you are trying to load more cars than the problem track has garage spaces. Not all tracks are created equally in this regard.

    How many cars and which tracks are problems?
  4. I'm using the SuperV8's with 30 cars with Australian tracks. The track I'm mainly having trouble with is Townsville (Townsville 400) and the other are either Sandown raceway 2012 or Goldcoast 600 not sure which it is, will have to check.
  5. Are you aware that on those tracks there are two cars to each pit box as in real life?
  6. yes i am aware of this but i still get two cars in the one pit space, total of three cars in the same pit garage. two cars on top of each other.
  7. OK, depending on what version you have (I assume it's an rFactor conversion?) the later versions of those tracks should run in the order of starting with TeamIndex=0 closest to pit exit
  8. Hi,
    I had a look at the AIW and its has issues that should be fixed one day. Not ideal for your championship but if its only AI that are affected then I would not worry about it.
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  9. I reduced my field of cars from 30 to 28 and now everything is fine no pitbox clashes. Thanks for all your help guys.
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  10. PieterN

    Premium Member

    Townsville has a great layout i reckon. Quite a challenge in the Super V8s !
  11. Yes it's great but would be even better if Patrick got it and fixed it up to his standards.
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  12. PieterN

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    Had an excellent race with the Super V8 AI (95 % strength and medium agression) last night at Sandown. I think i read somewhere that @Patrick Giranthon is going to update Sandown graphically ? Btw I already made a new loadingscreen and *mini.tga in SCE-style for private use.
  13. Yeah, probably, but after a long list of things planned :cry:
  14. PieterN

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    So no time to get bored... :)
  15. Yeah. Problem now is It takes a lot of time to add maximum standards to a track, or to respect The real one. One month for spa. 3 weeks for Monza...
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