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Supercar Mod Request...

Discussion in 'rFactor' started by MotorsportBoy97, Apr 23, 2015.

  1. Hi, I have been after a mod for a while now but i have not seen it anywhere. I know there are mods (Like Blancpain) which have some supercars but i would like someone to make a Mod that consists of all these supercars:

    - Bugatti Veyron
    - McLaren P1
    - Ferrari La Ferrari
    - Nissan GTR
    - KTM XBow (I have wanted this in rFactor since i got it in 2010)
    - McLaren MP4-12C
    - Pagani Huayra
    - Pagani Zonda
    - Lamborghini Veneno
    - Porsche 918
    - Koenigsegg One:1
    - Shelby Cobra 427
    - Lamborghini Gallardo
    - Lamborghini Aventador
    - Lamborghini Huracan
    - Ariel Atom V8
    - Audi R8 V10

    If there was any more you could add that would be cool. I know its a lot of cars to model but I think this could be a fantastic mod.

    Thanks in Advance
  2. Angus94

    Methanol Inhaler Premium

    to a big extend, you just about got Assetto Corsa right there
  3. I would buy Assetto Corsa but my PC wont run it at the moment (ill have to get a new graphics card) So thats why I cant just get AC
  4. Angus94

    Methanol Inhaler Premium

    all good man, i'll bet theres a few in that boat, it is a bit graphics heavy

  5. so, basically instead of investing your own money in the upgrade you are asking somebody to invest their time for free? why not just go, get a better video card and be happy? :)
  6. So you're saying for a Mod reliant game, don't ask people to make good mods and spend my own hard earned money to buy a Graphics card and then still have to buy the game and DLCs? In rFactor you should be able to ask for peoples help to make mods that some people (like myself) cannot do because we lack the knowledge, this kind of thing dampens the rFactor experience.
  7. why, you can always ask. :) i, however, would recommend a skillful modder to spend his or her time doing something that hasn't been done before instead of remaking over and over again the same old stuff that already exists in other mods or games in quite reasonable quality.
  8. ok, i see what you are saying and i went slightly overboard with my comment lol. I would love to buys a new Video card and AC but i just wanted this mod in rF. I found a mod (Shift street mod) which has most of them cars in but the only car i really want now, however, is the KTM XBOW as there was never one made for rFactor.
  9. So if that is the car that you really want, why not invest some time to learn how to create such a mod yourself. Anybody who is determined to do so, can learn it. You just need time and the determination to get it done. And if you share your work, maybe someone else will lend you a hand. Of course you can just ask, but the better option is to just do!
  10. I have no problem in getting models, the problem comes when getting it into rFactor, ii haven't seen anything to help me with getting it in game, what all the files do a and stuff like that.