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Super V8 @ Bathurst

Discussion in 'Automobilista Setups' started by Tim O'Glock, Sep 16, 2016.

  1. Tim O'Glock

    Tim O'Glock
    Champion of Champions 2016 Premium Member

    Setup for a 40 laps club race.

    qualifying strategy:
    - soft tyres
    - 15l of fuel for 2 fast laps
    - tyres start falling off on the third lap

    race strategy:
    - 2 stints on soft tyres
    - there should be around 15% tyre life left after 20 laps
    - tyre wear: 4.3% per lap (front and rear)
    - 197l of fuel for 40 laps + 1 warm up lap
    - fuel consumption: 4.8l per lap

    Here is a video showing you the fastest line around the track and which gears to use. A made this video a few months ago before weight penalties for auto lift and auto blip were introduced so I had both enabled. Please turn them off and blip the throttle on downshifts. There is no need to lift on upshifts. The weight penalty for using auto lift and auto blip is draconian at 5% of the cars' weight. That's around 71kg. On the other hand the weight penalty for using ABS (low) is only 1% so you can turn it on and it will help you save your tyres.

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  2. PieterN

    Premium Member

    Thanks for sharing !
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  3. Sam Smith

    Sam Smith
    Premium Member

    Brilliant! Thank you
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  4. Tim O'Glock

    Tim O'Glock
    Champion of Champions 2016 Premium Member

    I've made some adjustments to the setup to compensate for the physics changes introduced with v1.0 of AMS. It's easier to drive now.

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  5. Hi

    I hope its ok to ask this in here

    Would this setup be ok for a full 161 laps of Bathurst race? I assume I would make changes to medium tyres and fuel etc?
  6. Tim O'Glock

    Tim O'Glock
    Champion of Champions 2016 Premium Member

    Yes, you can use this setup for a 161-lap race. Start the race with soft tyres and 100l of fuel. Run 8 20-lap stints on soft tyres. Refuel 96l during each pit stop. You could theoretically run 7 stints on the hard compound but the soft tyre is so much faster you won't be able to save enough time by doing 1 stop less.
  7. Thanks mate! we did our race yesterday and finished in 2nd place
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