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Discussion in 'RACE 07 Mods' started by AndreasFSC, Nov 27, 2012.

    PLEASE DELETE THE OLD VERSION OF THIS MOD FIRST (''ALBTCC98'' and ''AL Super Touring 90' in the ''Teams'' directory) before unziping this version.
    Then reinstall the STW packs.
    This is my first ever mod for the Race series. I had to build and learn everything from scratch. This is NOT a TOCA2 conversion, the only things from that game are the layouts of the textures.
    This mod is NOT made to show my modelling skills. I made it because I loved TOCA2. Please do not complain about steering lock. These are super Touring cars, not S2000 cars. At last: thank''s for all the feedback and constructive criticism:) Please don''t change anything in this mod without my permission.

    Car ID's:
    Alfa =180
    Audi =191
    Audi (4wd) =67
    BMW =234
    Ford =195
    Ford (2000) =213
    Honda =189
    Honda (2000) =124
    Nissan =194
    Nissan (2000)=172
    Peugeot =197
    Renault =192
    Renault (99) =169
    Vauxhall(99) =214
    Volvo 850 =126
    Volvo s40 =187
    Volvo s40(99)=160

    Class ID's:
    ST90 =188
    B97 =194
    B98 =187
    B99 =108
    B2000 =98

    v.3.5 Added Super Touring 1999 class. Individual year description for cars (for skinning) Small changes to the tyre files (width and radius) Changed race numbers for all drivers (for the structure ingame) Added '96 teams, Vauxhalls made by Mark Gormley, Nissans made by Simon Gardner + graphical updates and fixes

    v.3.4 Added Super Touring 2000 class and a few more Super Touring 90''s cars. One new car model has been added, the Honda Accord 1999/2000 Edited the shape of the Mondeo and the Primera 2000

    v.3.3 Small update. Changed ID of the BMW''s and added missing brakedisc textures.

    v.3.2 Added Volvo 850 A little shape fix for the Renault Laguna Updated numbers font

    v.3.1 Changed steer lock settings for the Opel Vectra Reduced reflections and shine for the wheels Some texture updates Fixed some z-buffer issues

    v.3.0 Added '97 season and the super touring 90's cars Fixed lot of small mapping bugs And, like always, a lot of graphical fixes Matt Neal ''97 skin by Simon Gardner Jan Brunstedt '97 skin by Pat O'Reilly

    v.2.7 New talent files for all drivers Improved rim and interior windows textures Changed default gear ratios Some performance changes New LOD Changed some car ID''s again, so they should not conflict with any Simbin cars for the moment... +more

    v.2.6 Changed car ID''s to avoid conflicts

    v.2.5 Graphical update. Corrected some mapping errors.

    v.2.0 A lot of graphical updates Updated interiors for all cars Some extra .aud files for those who prefere s2000 sounds. To use them you need these cars: Volvo c30 s2000 Honda Accord s2000 Audi A4 s2000 Peugeot 308 s2000

    v.1.7 Added some HP's, 300hp@85000rpm Remade the downforce settings for the s40 Updated graphics for the Accord Hopefully all the privateers are now drivable online (I can''t test them) Added ''97 spec Laguna front bumper (Rustads car) +More

    v.1.6 The cars now support custom skins. Adjusted some normals (Primera and Vectra) Changed rear view mirror textures for Rustad''s car. Some graphical updates Some talent file updates Adjusted standard brake bias

    v.1.5 Changed downforce for Volvo s40 and Ford Mondeo. A lot of graphical updates, new updated shaders and materials everywere! Changed qualifying ability for AI drivers. Added Mark Lemmer. Skin made by Pat O'Reilly

    v.1.2 Added some privateers Fixed ''mirrored mirrors'' bug for some cars. Darker interiors A lot of small updates

    v.1.0 New shaders for all cars Updated textures Peugeot 406 is now right side drive Fixed brake disc bugs for Audi, Ford and Volvo Adjusted size of front brake discs for all cars

    BETA Added Vauxhall Adjusted gear ratios A lot of small updates Individual physics for all cars Ford Mondeo sounds (beta)

    Preview v3 Added Peugeot 406 and Audi A4 Some sounds New downforce A lot of small updates

    Preview v2 Added Ford Mondeo New interiors Fixed ''lowrider bug'' You may need some other mods (i.e. V8 Supercars) to get the Ford logo.

    Preview v1 First version, Volvo, Honda, Renault, Nissan

    G√ľnthar Rowe for useful support
    Ryan Callan for providing an engine torque graph.
    Knut Omdal Tvieto for providing downforce information
    FuNK! for sugesting changeing shaders
    Simon Gardner for providing useful privateer logos and Matt Neal ''97 skin
    Mark Gormley for additional '96 skins and help with logos
    Pat O''Reilly for Mark Lemmer and Jan Brunstedt skins
    biffenh for A4 Quattro settings
    Evo M for converting this mod for rFactor
    +Some other forum members for feedback and encouraging And, of course, Simbin for the game:)
    /Andreas Larsson, a_m_larsson@hotmail.com

    Version 3.6.5:
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  2. Just changed the text. Nothing new right now.
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  3. This is a great mod, but the car filters are broken. If you make a custom filter and select 1997 only (for example), then go into the race, you'll find it hasn't loaded all the cars and only one or two, and ignored the rest. So you end up with an entire grid of Honda Accords usually.

    Is there any chance of a fix for this? It's a great mod, just needs working car filters.
  4. You don't have to use filters if you wanna play a particular season, each of them has their own classes (97,98,99,00). Cars from 95 and 96 are mixed in the 90's class. Maybe another mod is using the same CarID's?
  5. Link to the mod does not work . Any other links available ?
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  6. What's new in v3.6.5?
  7. Some updated skins, smother meshes for some cars, edited mipmapping levels, edited downforce balance for volvo s40 + more :)
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  8. thats what I read in the read-me.............:D
  9. Could you convert the mod to rFactor?
  10. i have installed the mod but i can't see any of the cars in the menu, same problem occured for the other versions of the mod too. what should i do?
  11. That's because this mod is conflicting with another mod you have installed. You have 2 options to run this mod:

    1. use mod manager and disable all the other mods
    2. change the class ID either in this mod or in mod there is a conflict with. (requires some modding skills)