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Super Touring 90s Mod

Discussion in 'RACE 07 Mods' started by Mike Davidson, Aug 8, 2012.

  1. i was just wondering if anybody would consider maybe converting some of the cars that are available in the british super touring car mod for rfactor made by evo monkey among others such as a older style mondeo cavalier peugeot toyota renault bmw nissan and others i know these models i am speaking of are a little rough around the edges but i think they would be a really good addition to our beloved race series of games i have tried many times to convert them myself but alas have not got the skills to do so if anybody could convert these i would be massively grateful and i think many others of us would be also

  2. We need to know who has made the cars and get permission to use them then.
    Evo M has converted them from F1 Challenge as far as I know
  3. yes i think thats right i think i remember playing them
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  4. The readme says: F1 Challenge BTCC mod, from SSM and OllieC.
  5. ive just pmed evo monkey on f1c and he says its fine if someone would like to convert it to race as long as credits are made to everyone who has been involved so does any one fancy a go !! i really wish i could but have tried to convert cars from other games to no avail
  6. I think the exteriors of the cars shouldn't be to hard to convert, but maybe the interiors (motecs etc) and the physics would be more difficult...

    EDIT: The physics seems to be very easy to convert, the files have different names, but the content is exactly(!) the same in F1 Challenge (where the mod comes from)
  7. do you think it might be a possibility though;)
  8. Found tis in the F1 Challenge ReadMe:
    * Copyright / Permissions *

    3Dmodels are made by Olly and Chris Ward
    Physics by RSR, modified by OllieC
    Intro Screen by Ed - ST220
    anything else is probably made by OllieC
    Feel free to modify anything, you may use these models or parts of them for whatever you want, no need to ask !

    Quite difficult :p
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  9. :thumbsup:
    May i quote Mr. Neil Armstrong:" ...one small step for men..."
    ... one giant leap for the mod!!! :)
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  10. oh wow they look better than i imagined
  11. [​IMG]
    Some of them are nice modelled :)
    And they are nice to drive. Compared to my cars they are softer and they have no spoilers of course :)
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  12. has this version got the renault and mazda xedos because my f1 c version doesnt have these as ive just dug it out
  13. Ollie C. did a lot of work and was a really great supporter of F1 Challenge (which actually was one of the best sim bases )
    really great news......:)

    but don't get sidetracked....... 1996 , 1999, 2004..........are already boiling.............:p:D:thumbsup:
  14. oh yes absolutely right
  15. Much to do ;) I'll try to finish the 1999 season soon, but these cars are really exciting! :D
  16. oh dear im sorry if ive sidetracked you but it is kind of good to hear someone else likes them too:)
  17. My version had the Renault 19 and Mazda Xedos

    If you convert the Mazda Xedos could you please add a super tourer rear wing to it? :D Could add it to the NATCC mod then
  18. ive found another version v2 it has the renault 19 mazda xedos all the btcc 93 94 cars and even a sierra sapphire plus i also found a btcc95 add on as well and also some australian super tourng cars and an bathurst add on for f1 challenge if anybody wants the links id be happy to oblige
  19. I made the Australian and Bathurst mods. Based them on the 1998 season and took me ages to do as I used paint shop pro and had to make most of the sponsors myself. Im amazed its still available :cool:
  20. well done ive been playing em all afternoon on my sons win xp pc cos they dont work right on mine :thumbsup: