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Discussion in 'GTR 2' started by Sérgio Marques, Jan 20, 2010.

  1. Got to agree i drove a league race with this mod last night and it was great, one very nice mod
  2. Thanks! i'll try it asap!!
  3. yeah very nice. I just love this cars.

    Didn't try this mod yet. Is this mod coming with the gt300 cars. Cause I drove also in a league last year with gt500 + gt300 included.
    Was really fun to drive.

    we need some super gt races in RD :D
  4. This is a very nice mod. The download links were a real pain though. I had to download it twice to get a good download...most had broken files. Try the Bridgehampton track. It's addicting with any of the cars in this mod.
  5. Same here!