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Skins Super GT - GT300 - 2014 - 1.1

The 2014 Super GT300 skinpack for the EEC GT3 mod

  1. JorritVD submitted a new resource:

    Super GT - GT300 - 2014 - - The 2014 Super GT300 skinpack for the EEC GT3 mod

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  2. 444 downloads :)
  3. And just 3 likes... everyone just takes without a thank you... bad world we life
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  4. I'll say thanks for this stuff on every site I find it on, not had a chance to play around with it yet but looking forward to.
  5. 5x like in the forum, 7x likes at the download, 3x review with five starts. At least nothing negative
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  6. oh it was an american's track before; this picture is gb deutsch japan ; for this triple alliance i would say that s the beginning is during to do
  7. Hallo
    Thank you for your great Skins,i am a big Fan about the Japan GT Series:thumbsup::D:)
  8. where I can download this mod?
  9. Thanks for the mod and update
  10. I might need to do another update. I thought some things worked the same in AMS as in SCE, but apprently some small changed appeared.
  11. Thanks a lot for bring us SGT to AMS JorritVD :):)