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Super AI?

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by sgt.Pantsless, Nov 2, 2010.

  1. Hi
    My first post here.
    I'm currently in my 3rd season and now moved to Expert settings. (xbox360). For the first few races I qualified around 11-8th and luckily won the race in Melbourne. But now in Spain i can't even place in the top 15 and that is driving for Ferrari.

    What happened? Earlier I was top ten and it was fun playing now nowhere clos to even the back teams. :frown:

    Maybe the patch, when it comes to the 360, will fix it?
  2. yeah
  3. On legend the AI are generally what they are IRL in terms of lap times. Maybe you need more practise on some of the tracks? Or try changing your car setups?
  4. Ok, i think i know the tracks after two seasons...

    But anyway - i also noticed that if I alter the difficulty back to Hard, I'm in an instant around 1,5 sek faster without doing anything. Is there some form of "auto-driving" or anything that just a fraction help you? Or is it me tensing up when I'm on Expert?
  5. Changing the difficulty will alter your driving assists from what i remember. On Expert your probably playing without ABS which can be slow if your not driving to suit the differences in downforce in relative to the speed your doing. I'd imagine it also turns TCS from medium to fully off - check it out.

    If you want to change the settings to suit your current ability you can create your own 'custom' difficulty.

    Hope this helps,
  6. Ah, got the AI setting and general setting mixed up.

    When you change to expert, all the assists are turned off. To turn them back on again, or any that you want to, just press A (or whatever the PS3/PC equivalent is) on the difficulty level before starting a Grand Prix in career mode.
  7. Thanks for the replys. What I did, out of frustration, was to go out to the paddock and change from Expert to Hard or vice versa, then in the Options Menu in the garage I customized my settings. So then the AI should be on the difficulty i have choosen.

    This is on a 360 btw.

    Then when I changed from Expert to hard I was actually going faster!??! Same settings with assists and same set up on the car.

    Further I have another noob question - how to enable Fuel and Tyre sim on a 360? It seems like it's only avaliable on the Expert settings. Anyone know how to deal with this?

    Thanks alot!
  8. Press A on the difficulty & then modify it to suit what you want, the name will change to 'custom' & you can & Fuel & Tyre sim etc to whichever settings you want.

  9. James Chant

    James Chant

    Many people found catalunya alot different to the other tracks. The AI cars are faster around here in comparison to other tracks.

    A quick search will probably show you more. You're in the same boat as the rest of us my friend!

    As for whether the patch will fix it. Only time will tell.