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Sup lads!

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by John Bowman, Feb 3, 2011.

  1. Hello everyone,

    Im new on RD and have signed up for my license. Having been giving it (thanks!) I have been looking at the events for us EU members. S2000 is where I'd like to race.

    I notice pit stops are mandatory and at least two tyres are required to be changed. This is fine but looking at the Mini race, only a pit stop is required. Does that mean simply entering the pit and leaving while doing nothing other than the 0.5-1 second stop is enough?

    Also if you are using a custom skin, is it required you inform the racers beforehand or is it just whether or not others would like to see your custom skin?

    Im sure I will have more questions for you lot when we are racing (hope you dont mind!) and im looking forward to getting some practise in before I try my hand at racing with/against you lot :)

    Oh, another thing, I joined the RD steam group. :cool:
  2. Ross Garland

    Ross Garland
    A legend in my own mind... Premium

    I'm not sure about your first question, because although I've raced the Minis, pitstops were not part of the event at the time.

    About custom skins, when you sign up for the race in the event thread, post a link to your skin as well. People can choose if they want to download it or not.

    Welcome to RD, by the way. :)
  3. Hey Ross,

    Thanks for the welcome and answers.

    Thought of more questions, what are the must have/use settings? Are the races all done with interior cam and is the clutch ever required? I have the G27 so I can do either but what are the minimum expected setups?

    Would I be allowed to sign up and be slow, so long as I dont go mad ramming this is all that is asked?

    I dont expect to be as quick as you guys (possibly might be tho!) and hope this doesn't matter? :p

    I'd like to just get into it, get to know you lot, have fun and race fast but fair!
  4. Heya welcome,

    As far as i know for mini the mandatory pitstop is also the usual 2 tire min. swap (well i hope so or i have been doing to much haha)

    Like Ross said skins are not required for club events so you may but dont need to post a link to em, i myself always download all skins as it makes it nicer to look at and easyer to recognize players.

    About being slower no problem there i myself am about 3-4sec slower then best time usual and dont get in to trouble for it aslong as you drive clean nobody will mind, just dont battle it out when a driver is trying to lap you and is alot a stonger as this might frustrate him ;)
  5. Hi John Welcome to RD, good to see another Scot to add to the few that we have here.

    In answer to your questions

    On the RD servers, there are no assists other than Autoclutch (i think). You'll only need the clutch for starts and pitstops any way so that will not make too muc difference.

    As for where "in" the car you race from, that's up to you. I'm a cockpit racer myself but the guys in ATCC race in hood, swingman, and in-car, up to whicherver you feel most comfortable.

    As for where in the pack you'll race. Well there's always a good spread if speed from the "aliens" at the front to us mere mortals midpack and at the back( that's me depending on what cars we're in). You'll always get a race and you'll ear as much respect from the great bunch that we have here from battling for 23rd and 24th as for 1st and 2nd as long as you try to race clean and respect your fellow racers.

    Hope to see you on track sometime. Although I'm normally a late night early hours race with the US guys.

  6. Jim Cole

    Jim Cole

    Welcome John. Seems you are getting all your questions answered. You will find that there are a lot of very helpful folks here at RD. If you need anything don't hesitated to ask and I am sure someone will be able to ablige. Just remember, it is easy enough to share setups and give advice on driving lines, so come on out and join us for some great fun :)

    BTW, some of us do use teamspeak and this makes giving advice a lot simpler so if you don't already have it downloaded and have a mic, it might be something you wish to get involved in.
  7. Thanks for the welcomes all, im actually a nocturnal kind of guy myself. I work a lot of crazy shifts and get on when I can. Playing from 10pm till 7am is not unheard of ;)

    I actually have my own TS3 server Jim and have a 25 player dedicated server running from a 100mbit line in london. Oh I have a headset all right, been a mad gamer for too many years to admit haha! (used to be an FPS player, but its just getting ridiculous these days!) Always liked the racing sims from way back to Toca on the PS1!

    It all sounds good to me, just need to get my setups started for tyre wear and qualifying, been used to 6-10 lap races and for sure the 30 minute ones here, I'll be running on melting tyres by 12-15 laps haha

    TrackIR comes tomorrow so im also looking forward to getting inside the car and using the mirrors as well!
  8. hmm that trackIR looks kinda handy/fun to use... :D
  9. Ye it sure does, only a matter of hours away xD
  10. Not completely sold on it really. Can you change the mirror angles? Even just the interior one, it points to the sky!