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Sunday September 13th 2009 - F1 @ Monza

Discussion in 'rFactor 2 Racing Club & Leagues' started by Ben Tusting, Sep 7, 2009.

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  1. [​IMG]
    : FSONE 2008 1.0b - Download (Multi player edition)
    Setups: fixed - Parc Fermé rule during Qualify
    Track:(Monza Default)
    BBC Circuit guides
    Starttime event: 19.00 GMT
    Practice: 30 mins
    Qualification: 10 mins
    Warmup: 8 mins
    Race: 30 laps (maybe different on certain tracks)
    Starts: Formation Lap + Standing Start
    Pitstop: 1 pitstop mandatory (free of choice on pit-format; Fuel | Tires | Fuel+Tires)
    Notes: Click here to read the password and golden rules!
  2. Scuderia Ferrari Marlboro
    1. Kimi Raikkonen =Julien Dufresnes
    2. Felipe Massa = Jarbas Melo

    BMW-Sauber F1 Team
    3. Nick Heidfeld = Stephane Dejoux
    4. Robert Kubica = Marc Kollinger

    ING Renault F1 Team
    5. Fernando Alonso = Jens Piskorsch
    6. Nelson Piquet Jr. =Ferry Koek

    AT&T Williams
    7. Nico Rosberg = Martin Bulgin
    8. Kazuki Nakajima

    Red Bull Racing
    9. David Coulthard =Patrick van Driel
    10. Mark Webber =Ingemar Petersson

    Panasonic Toyota Racing
    11. Jarno Trulli =Gabriel Savu
    12. Timo Glock

    Scuderia Toro Rosso
    14. Sebastien Bourdais =
    15. Sebastian Vettel

    Honda Racing F1 Team
    16. Jenson Button
    17. Rubens Barrichello

    Super Aguri F1 Team
    18. Takuma Sato
    19. Anthony Davidson

    Force India Formula One Team
    20. Adrian Sutil =Christian Lyngbye
    21. Giancarlo Fisichella = Daniel Plaikner

    Vodafone McLaren Mercedes
    22. Lewis Hamilton = Daniel Higgins
    23. Heikki Kovalainen= Lewis Fergusson
  3. lol sorry if i seem like a person who has something wrong with everything, but my RFactor didn't come with a monza track ??!? :shame::dazed:
    Anywhere to get it?
    Only Monza i have is the Brianza track from rf-central, and gives me a track geo. mismatch everytime i try join an online session on monza/brianza :(

    If avaible, a STR car for me again please :D
  4. It's called Brianza in RFactor and is included in the game.
  5. As said, i have a Brianza track in my RF, but aparently not the correct one..
    Thanks anyway :D
  6. Hamilton please
  7. Martin Bulgin

    Martin Bulgin
    Premium Member

    Rosbergs Williams plz
  8. 2. Felipe Massa - Please :)
  9. Please signe me up with N°1
  10. guna have to cancel sorry :( My wheel has just broken, no gear shifters or buttons (least its a reason to get a G25 :p)

  11. Stephane Dejoux

    Stephane Dejoux
    Premium Member

    sign me please:
    Nick Heidfeld
  12. Hi,
    sign me please:
    Sebastien Bourdais

  13. family stuff just got in the way, can't make it.. Sorry :/
  14. up please
  15. Robert Kubica please
  16. Server is up
  17. Sig me up 21. Giancarlo Fisichella

    what times you run ?
  18. Alonso's Renault for me please.
  19. Ill take Kovalainens please.
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