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Sunday June 7th 2009 - F1 @ Istanbul Park [CANCELED]

Discussion in 'RACE 07 Racing Club & Leagues' started by Ramon van Rijn, May 24, 2009.

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  1. Ramon van Rijn

    Ramon van Rijn


    FSONE 2008 1.0b - Download (Multi player edition)
    Setups: fixed - Parc Fermé rule during Qualify
    Track: Istanbul Park - Download link coming soon
    BBC Circuit guides
    Starttime event: 19.00 GMT
    Practice: 30 mins
    Qualification: 10 mins
    Warmup: 8 mins
    Race: 58 laps (full race distance :skywalker: )

    Formation Lap + Standing Start
    Pitstop: 1 pitstop mandatory (free of choice on pit-format; Fuel | Tires | Fuel+Tires)
    Notes: Click here to read the password and golden rules!
  2. Ramon van Rijn

    Ramon van Rijn

    During signup you can request your favorite car. Every team/driver combo is only allowed once. If more than 22 drivers signup, we can use T-Cars also.

    Cars available on each event:

    • Patrick van Driel (Car 1 | Scuderia Marlboro Ferrari - Kimi Raikkonen)
    • Daniel Plaikner (Car 2 | Scuderia Marlboro Ferrari - Felipe Massa)
    • <Driver> (Car 3 | BMW Sauber F1 Team - Nick Heidfeld)
    • Göran Kraft (Car 4 | BMW Sauber F1 Team - Robert Kubica)
    • <Driver> (Car 5 | ING Renault F1 - Fernando Alonso)
    • <Driver> (Car 6 | ING Renault F1 - Nelson Piquet)
    • Ingemar Petersson (Car 7 | Williams F1 Team - Nico Rosberg)
    • <Driver> (Car 8 | Williams F1 Team - Kazuki Nakajima)
    • Ramon van Rijn (Car 9 | Red Bull Racing - David Coulthard)
    • Roy Stevens (Car 10 | Red Bull Racing - Mark Webber)
    • <Driver> (Car 11 | Panasonic Toyota - Jarno Trulli)
    • <Driver> (Car 12 | Panasonic Toyota - Timo Glock)
    • <Driver> (Car 14 | Scuderia Toro Rosso - Sebastien Bourdais)
    • <Driver> (Car 15 | Scuderia Toro Rosso - Sebastian Vettel)
    • Robert Maytum (Car 16 | Honda Racing F1 Team - Jenson Button)
    • <Driver> (Car 17 | Honda Racing F1 Team - Rubens Barrichello)
    • <Driver> (Car 18 | Super Aguri Formula 1 - Takuma Sato)
    • <Driver> (Car 19 | Super Aguri Formula 1 - Anthony Davidson)
    • <Driver> (Car 20 | Force India F1 Team - Adrian Sutil)
    • <Driver> (Car 21 | Force India F1 Team - Giancarlo Fisichella)
    • Steve Parker (Car 22 | Vodafone McLaren Mercedes - Lewis Hamilton)
    • Ivor Topley (Car 23 | Vodafone McLaren Mercedes - Heikki Kovalainen)

    • <Driver> (T-Car | Scuderia Marlboro Ferrari - Luca Badoer)
    • <Driver> (T-Car | BMW Sauber F1 Team - Christian Klien)
    • <Driver> (T-Car | ING Renault F1 - Lucas Di Grassi)
    • <Driver> (T-Car | Williams F1 Team - Nico Hulkenberg)
    • <Driver> (T-Car | Red Bull Racing - Sebastien Buemi)
    • <Driver> (T-Car | Panasonic Toyota - Kamui Kobayashi)
    • <Driver> (T-Car | Scuderia Toro Rosso - Brendon Hartley)
    • <Driver> (T-Car | Honda Racing F1 Team - Alexander Wurz)
    • <Driver> (T-Car | Super Aguri Formula 1 - Sakon Yamamoto)
    • <Driver> (T-Car | Force India F1 Team - Vitantonio Liuzzi)
    • <Driver> (T-Car | Vodafone McLaren Mercedes - Pedro De La Rosa)
    Safety Car:

    • Ben Tusting (Bernd Maylander)
  3. Ramon van Rijn

    Ramon van Rijn

    I'm in obviously. Coulthards car.
  4. I'm in Scuderia Marlboro Ferrari - Felipe Massa :)
  5. Bernd Maylander for me please
  6. In Heiki's McLaren please!
  7. I take Kubicas BMW again, hope i will be able to start the race this time!
  8. Kimi Ferrari plz TY :)
  9. Hamiltons mclaren please :skywalker:
  10. Red Bull Racing Mark Webber thx
  11. Got a question. Along with some others I was caught out by the FSone parc ferme rules at Manaco. With MMG for the start of the race you got all your fuel that you started qually with. Last night I had to start the race with the fuel that was left after qually. Is that right? Is there a problem with my plr file? Some clarification would be appreciated, thanks!
  12. Car 16 | Honda Racing F1 Team - Jenson Button please.
    Not sure if i am working yet so i'll have to try get it off .
  13. I´ll go for the same one :)
    Williams F1 Team - Nico Rosberg
  14. C'mooon! I feel like a total noob here with you guys ignoring me on top of it all. :(
    The "REAL F1" rules this season allow for all who make it to Q3 to get the fuel they use up in qually back for the start of the race. So MMG's interpretation was correct. How come Fsone is different? is all I'm asking!?Ramon, I'll wait for your reply.
  15. Ramon van Rijn

    Ramon van Rijn

    Relax mate, I am not 24/7 on the forum :dance2:
    MMG = 2007
    FSone = 2008

    I don't know the exact fuel rules for Q3 qualify for 2007/2008/2009.
    I know its the starting fuel in qual you also have for the Race in MMG 2007.
    It was a surprise for me also in seeing I lost 20L already at the start of the race. Still for me it adds more to the fun.
    Maybe someone with F1 rules knowledge can help us out regarding the fuel regulation in 2007/2008. Not that it helps for this mod, we just have to deal with it :)
  16. Okay so the qually strategy with this mod would be to calculate first race stint fuel needed (preferably a short stint I'd think) and then add what you feel you'd need to get into a good rythm for two to three quick laps during qually. Obviously coming in for at least one tyre change close to the end of the qually period. Taking into consideration that the average lap is around 1:30 min that would account for an additional 6-9 laps of fuel to do two to three quick runs (incliuding tyre changes) in 10 min qually session.
    Sound reasonable, if long winded....!?
  17. Indeed the qually you do is with starting fuel,so count your last qually laps with that. You can always adjust the ammount of fuel for your pitstop if you found that you are short. Thats not locked !
  18. Ramon van Rijn

    Ramon van Rijn


    It appears that all three Istanbul tracks available are illegal conversions.
    We have the Com8, which is Codemasters
    Gp2 TrackPack, which is a modified MMG version
    The MMG version is from SimBin.

    We can do two things, cancel Istanbul on our calendar or use a substitute track. Bram mentioned SevenHills (BTB track) as a brilliant track.

    Your input please, cancel or SevenHills.
  19. seven hills is better than nothing
  20. Here's a video of Seven Hills if nobody has been around it. (still processing will be 9 minutes)

    I say this track, It would be awesome
    http://www.rfactorcentral.com/detail.cfm?ID=Bathurst ORSM
    We HAVEHAVEHAVEHAVEHAVEto race at Bathurst :D

    I will post a video of Bathurst later on today
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