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Sunday EU WTCC racing - and that 'thing' we raced last...

Discussion in 'RaceRoom Racing Experience' started by Connor Caple, Dec 7, 2014.

  1. Connor Caple

    Connor Caple
    Slowest Racer in Town...

    Joined up with @Peter Koch and @Andi Goodwin on TS to go find some races for a couple of hours. We settled on WTCC for a few of them, which I enjoyed, and we had some fun racing with me at the back as usual. :D

    Some races were larger than others but I think we averaged 8 to 10 people per race with Peter and Andi trying to set the pace against some fast guys. There were the usual number of randoms who were just smashing people off the track, but the other two guys just concentrated on their race, with a gentle push to send the odd badly behaved guy to face oncoming traffic.

    The final race of our night together though was another story. Andi decided to find a Canard race - you know, that horrible yellow thing that everyone gets free with the download? I predicted a grid of 16 or 17 yellow cars and, apart from Andi and Peter, I was right.

    That car is horrible for me on the default setup - I just cannot handle it and I think the number of times I span on my own probably equalled the number of times that bad drivers rammed me off the track. One guy bumped me off three times and, since I don't have to be nice to people as I don't work for S3, I chased him down and put him into a wall.

    I never do that under normal circumstances, but that's why I avoid Public servers and only race with RD guys. :rolleyes::ninja::mad::coffee:

    I'll try to ignore the idiots in future, but Dedi servers can't come soon enough for me. :thumbsup:

    I think I'd better go back to racing offline against the AI for a few days until the evil memories fade... :barefoot:
  2. If you're up for it I have some spare time, I'm also a slow dude.. . :(:D
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  3. If you ignore (I mean, avoid) the idiots, these public races can be fun
    BTW, you said there were 17 yellow Canhards more or less, i guess i was there with one too lol
    2014-12-07_00006.jpg 2014-12-07_00007.jpg
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  4. Connor Caple

    Connor Caple
    Slowest Racer in Town...

    I enjoy racing, even though I'm not fast in sims, but the idiots just ruin it so I eventually stop going online except for dedicated RD races. I had a few good races with other 'back marker' types in the WTCC events, where at least you have to pay for some content, but the Canhard race at Portimao was a bad idea™.

    I was listening to Peter and Andi giving eachother tips and alerts on how to best dodge one guy who was deliberately ramming everyone, but I think he still got one of them. :rolleyes:

    That car is horrible anyway. As I've told the other guys, it was only finding out I could test drive the WTCC cars that got me playing R3E - the demo was, in all honesty, a pile of steaming crap with that Canhard car. There is no way in hell I'd spend a penny on the game if that car was typical of the content.

    I'm not going to tell @Jay Ekkel how to run his business though. :speechless:
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  5. Once there is a system rating your driving ability, public servers will also be far better.

    Violence begets violence :D
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  6. Will you guys be racing WTCC regularly on Sundays? If so, I'd love to join...if you'd have me. I'm a yank on the East Coast but I can convert the GMT and make it to the races.
  7. There's another US group who races Fri-Sat-Sun at a decent time (9PM CST) so if you want to join that group you're more than welcome!
  8. That would be 10pm EST. Works for me. I only have limited content at this point. WTCC 2013, a couple GT# cars, the M1 Procar (that would be a good series:)), the two GR5 cars(another good series) and the free stuff. If I join you guys and we run regularly I would definitely spend some more cash and gets some content. What the Hell, Xmas is coming and some Steam bucks in my virtual wallet might be a nice stocking stuffer from the wife.;)
  9. You shouldn't leave the MP servers to the unfair players. The ratio fair/unfair is still good in my opinion and with the time you know whom to trust. Unfortunately the servers are quite empty during the week. The free content tracks of course can be a painful terrain and I was disappointed when i read that Portimao is now free and will attract also this kind of people. But there are still a lot of fair players in comparison to other racing sims that i know and i think it's also due to the business model. As already said dedicated servers or a rating system will improve the situation.
  10. That'd be nice!
    Currently (but noone says it has to stay like this) we're running the WTCC on Fridays at 9PM CST. Looking at the poll results (even tho not many have voted), preferences go to (in order) WTCC - ADAC - DTM '13 - G5, RADICAL & TOURING.
    Usually, after a race, we do another couple more so there's always space to try new car/track combos.
    Let us know if Friday works for you then!
    See you on track!
  11. Connor Caple

    Connor Caple
    Slowest Racer in Town...

    We ran some WTCC races in EU again last night but usually there are only three of us in TS on quiet nights (which went down just after we finished our second race for maintenance - hehe).

    Andi and Peter are usually testing things, but if I catch them at about 8pm GMT they are usually happy to get out of test mode and race :roflmao:
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  12. Andi Goodwin

    Andi Goodwin
    Premium Member

    as Connor said im around about 8pm/9pm european time and usually have time for a few mp races ; this friday again is a no no for me , working until the early hours of the morning

  13. Sadly, Fridays don't work for me. Boo.

    I am typically around on Sunday (all day) and Monday (evenings). The rest of the week I am around in the mornings. My schedule sucks for any type of organized or casual racing. I work nights - EST. I'll figure something out. I will be looking for some more replays from you. That WTCC full race replay was awesome.
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  14. Well I guess that if noone disagrees we can move the WTCC on Sunday then... ;)
  15. Most times I should be able to do EU races as well, been so busy
  16. John Grant

    John Grant
    Dont Rub me up the wrong way Premium Member

    I do enjoy all the comments, this seems the place to be, as there seems to be lots of interaction , this makes playing simracing exciting. Please let me know what is needed to participate in your events. At the moment i race on regular basis, ( ckub events) with race department.
  17. I really need to start racing