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Sunday Drivers Club

Discussion in 'Forza Motorsport 4' started by Wayne Thomas, Dec 3, 2011.

  1. I mentioned this in general chat a week or so ago.

    Anyone interested in Sunday night casual/social races. Emphasis on casual and social.

    Cars/tracks selected by those on the night - so no pressure to prepare/test. Short races - few laps only to give variety etc.

    Race time range 7 - 10 GMT ish? Dip in and out - no pressure to stay the whole time. Just putting out feelers as it were. I know Garry planned something for the New Year but he, Dan and Tom have done a lot and this is something that doesn't need planning or preparation, just turn up. I'm willing to host if my connection is strong enough.
    Alternatively, we could raid the Forza races as a party?
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  2. 11th & 18th Dec will be fine for me.

    This weekend (4th) I've got a RD iRacing race at 19:30 GMT which will probably be done by 20:30 GMT latest, so if I get on the XBOX, I'll see if anyone is floating around for some ad-hoc racing.

  3. Hope to see you online then Daz
  4. I'm up for that. Gives me a chance to test my capture card and turtle beach xlc properly.
  5. i usually have an f1 league but its on xmas vacation im up for racing for the next 3 weeks. i dont mind what we do. i am starting to perfer the cycled production races
  6. I may be interested. Not as a regular, but this Sunday maybe.
  7. yeah mate, I'm about later on, letting the missus play Skyrim first as I've played Forza quite a lot recently,