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Suddenly DR forgets my Controller Settings.

Discussion in 'DiRT Rally' started by Sk3ptik0n, Jul 3, 2016.

  1. I have had DR from the first day it went on sale and I have read of people having issues with saving the controller settings, but it never happened to me.
    Today I went to drive and I realized that all my settings were zeroed out. I figured it was some patch they released.

    However, since then every time I quit the game and open it again, most of my controller settings are forgotten and I have to remap all mys and axis.
    I basically go back to keyboard driving.

    Nothing has changed on my side. Same old controllers (T500, TM H-shifter, etc.) but on DR side all sort of things get forgotten.

    Even during the game, it forgot my setup, not all of it, but just the gearing.

    Once I exited, restarted and by restarting using the T500 wheel button to "enter" the game (Instead of using the enter key on my keyboard) it did remember I had a Thrustmaster wheel and it was setup for it instead of going to keyboard controller, but all my custom keys and my pedals were forgotten. No clutch, etc.

    Is there a trick to make it behave like it used to? Or am I condemned to resetting my controllers every time I play?
  2. RaceWasGood


    You didn't remap the <Esc> key by any chance? I remember having this same problem (with a Fanatec set tho) and not remapping <Esc> fixed it for me. It should be OK to remap the other stuff to buttons AFAIK.

    EDIT: I checked this in the game just now and it's actually the Pause function you're not supposed to remap. Sorry, my mistake mixing up esc and pause... :redface:
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  3. do you unplug the wheel before you leave the game? if i do that, it will "forget" the settings for the wheel (it probably jumps to keyboard the moment it detects a controller missing and keeps that setting for the next session). if i keep it plugged , exit the game and then unplug the wheel, everything is fine.
  4. Paul Bennett

    Paul Bennett

    Got it 2 weeks ago, it was a frustrating setting up the controls with DFGT + G27 pedals an shift.
    I was loosing my setup using the keyboard to Enter an Esc, had to Google to find what the hell was going on :confused:
    Reinstalled now have all buttons on wheel. I'm sure the presets work, but for combo's CM don't seem to have the config's :whistling:
  5. I've had the game for about three weeks, and have been through the same menu / controller frustrations. I think I'm more comfy now, finally getting used to the main buttons.
    Re the loss of Controller settings, I've also been having this one.
    I have a standard G27 setup, but I've added a separate G25 Shifter (sequential) to use as the Handbrake. I found that every time I started the game but forgot to plug in the G25 Shifter, my G27 profile was lost and the game reverted to keyboard. If I plug in the G25 Shifter first, no problems, the profile is always remembered.
    I also found out very early, don't change the default button for "Pause". This also results in a loss of the Profile.
    I've enabled the Mouse control in the main menu, which is helpful for some of the menu activations.
    Unfortunately, the game's menu controls are not particularly user friendly to PC users, but I'm still very impressed with the overall game. I'm now finding it just as enjoyable as RBR, even better in some areas.:)
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  6. to think the day would come when i would read this. there is a shakesperean dimension to racing games after all :)
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  7. Yes as other said, it seems if you don't remap the pause button you won't have any issues. That's been my experience anyway.
  8. I solved the remapping issue by avoiding the pause button, but DR still crashes at start. I found a fix for that too though. Set DR to run as administrator. That means I have to set Xpadder to run as admin as well or my mappings won;t work, but I am back driving rather than watching the game crash and remapping all my controls the few times it started.
  9. I've suffered the same issue with both my Fanatec and Thrustmaster wheel setups, but I think I found the solution to your problems. I read this on another forum (don't remember which so I can credit the original author) but make sure you are connected to Racenet and when you map your wheel buttons, go to the profile settings and save your profile progress.