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Subaru Impreza "Prodrive" Cockpitguide

Discussion in 'Richard Burns Rally' started by Daniel Tonsberg, Jun 17, 2011.

  1. Hello!

    Not so long ago at the Norwegian Championship I got to take a close look at the inside of Petter Solbergs old Impreza WRC (2004)
    A huge Norwegian talent by the name of Anders Grøndal bought the car from Prodrive after Petter and has been using it in the Norwegian championship and other races.
    The good thing with these Norwegian Championships is that its not so strict so I got the chance of popping my head (and camera) inside his car to take a close look at the cockpit (being very fond of rally car cockpits)
    I first noticed that it had a whole bunch of buttons and started to wonder what they all where and today I found a flash page explaining the inside of his subaru (down to the very last button)

    Here's a IRL snapshop I tok of the car:

    And here is the flash page explaining everything :D http://www.subaru-msm.com/global/entertain/cockpit2004/index.html


    And if anyone got any similar sites of other cars please do let me know.

  2. Dude that prety Awsome, gives u a ful layout of just about everything.
    This would be a good basis to work from for anyone building a rally spacific sim rig.
  3. yup its pretty detailed =)

    I love the digital dashboard they got. Saw the exact same one in a WRC Ford Focus so I guess its a standard layout. Wish someone would make an mod like that for RBR =)
  4. It's so nice! :)

    I'm just looking forward that who will be that first 'crazy' hardware-modder to do this cockpit at home! :D
  5. Lol. He'll need veeery deep pockets. :wink:
  6. Yes :D But after these videos, I can imagine everything :D :p

  7. Lol Adam, I showed my wife this video and then made the obvious suggestion for a co-driver.

    The response was very swift and not supportive at all. :tongue:
  8. lol :d
  9. I love his GOOOO! :D