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STW 98-99

Discussion in 'RACE 07 Mods' started by baika, Feb 4, 2012.

  1. This is the 1998-99 season of the ADAC Supertourenwagen Meisterschaft (STW).
    It's basically a skinpack, which is based on AndreasFSC's brilliant SuperTouring mod.
    A big thanks to him!

    You need the following to work:
    - ALSuperTouring3.4 by Andreas.
    You can find it in Racedepartment.com.
    The cars are in a separate class in the game called STW98 and STW99.
    I've tested it, and didn't found any mistakes, but if you do, please give feedback.

    Thanks to: Andreas Larsson (AndreasFSC) for his awesome mod!
    Evo Monkey for his inspiration.

    Update 1.1:
    The Peugeots now LHD.
    Update 1.2:
    The '99 season is added.
    Small graphical corrections.
    Update 1.3:
    New file structure
    Update 2.0:
    The Euroteam and Alfa Corse Alfa's changed to 156's.
    It is the orig Simbin Alfa 156 GTA modified by Andreas.
    Update 3.0:
    New Honda Accord modell for the '99 season made also by Andreas.
    baika (Krisztián Tóth)




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  2. Very good! Well done.
  3. Cheers !!!!!!
  4. Thanks!! Love supertouring
  5. Help! I can't see out of the cockpit! :D

  6. oh yes these are great many thanks
  7. I have a problem with the Alfa's interior. There is something on the bottom of the windscreen which looks like to be a part of it (the interior), but it shouldn't been. Check out my screenshot, you can view it now. BTW, i have an almost similar issue with the STCC 2000 Alfa (which is basically the same car as I know).

    Oh, I did a clean install of course... Super Touring 3.1 + STW 2.0
  8. You're right, there's something wrong with the interior window .dds.
    I've checked the template, there's a layer called "parts" in it.
    After i erase it, here's the result:


    I'll correct this in v2.01.
    Thanks for your eagle-eyes Balázs! ;) Köszi!
  9. Thanks for this v2.0, Baika !
  10. That problem happens on the BMW320si too. You need to make the parts semi transparent. Take it down to about 10%. This is used to show the reflection of the dashboard on the windscreen.
  11. New interior window and nameplate are coming soon:

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  12. anyone tell me why I can't drop the ride height on the STW 99 Alfa 156 ??? in the showroom , it does in game (race)
  13. v3.0 is on it's way, with the new Accord in the '99 season:

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  14. Keep the supertourers alive!!! Great work!!
  15. Cool :)
    Can you please make the STW mods in a separate folder but make the .cas files refering to the files in my mod as far as posible. So you only have to include unique files for your mod. This will make it easy to update different ST mods and will make my updates aply on all the other ST mods :)
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  16. The cars are ingame now.
    A few tests and ready.



    @Andreas: They are in seperate folder since v2.0 :thumbsup:
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  17. Update 3.0 is out.
    Check 1st post! ;)
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