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stuttering since installing a mod

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by menacegtr, Aug 13, 2014.

  1. Hi to you all, am new here and so not sure if this had been covered before. Since I installed the FCM - F1 2014 Season Beta 0.2.1 mod from here, I get really bad stuttering, even when I do not choose that mod to run. Even if I choose lets say the p45 car at Silverstone it just stutters anywhere on the track. The only 2 mods I have are this f1 2014 mod and the gp2 mod. When I just had the gp2 mod installed there were no problems at all but after the f1 mod it gets stuttering problems. So I have reinstalled assetto corsa from steam and all is well again, I have no issues at all, my pc specs are
    sabertooth 990x board, powercolour red devil 270x 2 gig gpu, fx 6300 at 4.5 ghz, ssd 120 gig for system, and 1tb for games, 700 watt tagen supply, windows 7 ultimate64, 16gig vengeance memory. All the graphic settings are all as stock when I first played, even when I upped to max I have no issues. So I am just wandering has anyone else here had this problem?
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  2. fikulek4


    I have the same problem and heard that is mod F1 problem ! My computer : i7-2700k 3,5ghz , Gigabyte GTX780Ti
  3. Justin

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    Did you install the F1 Hud app that comes with the mod?

    Even if the app isn't displayed on your screen it is extremely heavy on system resources for some reason. Remove it and the stutters should go. I had the same stuttering issues + crashes and after removing the app the game ran perfectly again. :)

    Seriously though, 15 minutes in a car with that app installed made the log file grow to something like 75 MB. A 75 MB text file! Playing an hour without the app and the file is like 30 MB so that's much more manageable. :)
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  4. Thanks for posting this.....I did not have any stutter but I was wondering why my log file was 130Mb.
    Played for about an hour after removing the app, log file size only around 30-40MB.:cool:
  5. Great fix..thanks.
    It's 'super' smooth again.
  6. Thanks for this guys, been having same problems thought it might have something to do with the F1 2014 mod but now I just have to remove the Hud app and not the cars.
  7. I had the stutter but hadn't ever installed the F1 HUD.
    I removed - RSR, RevHunter, Ovi Apps and Mini Apps and not had a stutter since.
    WHen I get chance I will reinstate them 1 by 1 and see which was causing the stutters.
  8. I got an feeling that the apps is never disabled, IE they are running even if not used in the session?

    At least the F1 HUD did, The log file grew even if F1 HUD was not used in the session.
    When I removed F1 HUD it stopped that logging behavior.

    My log file before removing F1 HUD:130Mb! Right now: 1Mb (with no mod apps installed)
    This excessive writing to the log file is probably what cause the stutter.....
  9. Thank you guys, helped me aswell. Will incorporate this info into the FAQ.
  10. It's not necessarily a single app, I've heard complaints on the official forums that 2 apps using the same AC data calls will stutter much worse than either on its own.
  11. I removed the F1 HUD app and have no more stuttering.
  12. Esox71


    Yes me too, Thanks all :thumbsup:
  13. The author of the OV1 apps just posted this on the ac forums:
    sO it is that app, and it can't be helped. :(
  14. Ovi was the one I suspected most. Ah well, im sure it will all get sorted in time.
  15. Same experience here, deleting the F1 app got rid of most of the stuttering, however not completely. Still have the occasional stutter but now maybe only once or twice per session.
    Also deleted the OV1 app and it might have reduced it further but I am not totally sure of this.
  16. Hi, is there a way to fix stutterings caused by f1 hud app?
  17. Frank

    Administrator Staff Premium

    I don't have the stuttering but if I read above making your replay file smaller might help, otherwise upgrade your ram?
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  18. I have 8gb of ram, but i set 500mb of replay maximum size..maybe i must lower that setting..thank you btw and cheers
  19. where is the file located.. i need to remove thanks..
  20. Ricoow

    RedShift Racing RDLMS #6 / RDRC #163 Premium

    Replay files are located in the My Documents folder. There is a folder called Assetto Corsa which contains setups, replays, settings and some other stuff I currently don't know ;)
    Replay files are not saved by default by the way, so you won't have to be afraid of Assetto Corsa wasting your HDD space ;)