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Discussion in 'Other Racing Games' started by Ulli Haus, Aug 27, 2009.

  1. Hi y'all,

    who still remembers the ancient game stunts??? :ghost: yep, to most people it is probably a ghost, but this threat is supposed to give all those who remember this great game an opportunity to share their memories :plane:
  2. It was great fun, I played it in school looong ago!:)
  3. It seems like this game is definitely not know to most of today's racers ;-)

    I played it on my 1st computer which was a 286 with 16mb harddisc space :)

    I remember there was a glitch in the game that enabled you to fly the car straight up in the air ;)
  4. Sure I know this game, but I often mix it up with the other 'Stunts' games from that time ( Here's a pica of the menu-screen:

    I remember very well the Jaguar XJR9 interior (purple) and the Lancia. Also building your own tracks was possible (after some attempts).

    The game is available on the internet (somewhere)
  5. Cool, yeah that's the main menu !

    Remember that the cars were so fragile, that any time you slightly touched something, the car was totalled ;)
  6. Yep, played it till perfection. These cars could almost drift already back in the days. Had some fun with it, my god... Great memories...
  7. Omer Said

    Omer Said
    Weresloth Staff

    I builded crazy tracks at this game. Wow played this more than 100 hours probably. Even it had formula 1 to drive !
  8. It was a Porsche-March Indy:)
  9. Hey, I don't even remember there to be a F1 car in the game :giggle:
    All I do remember was the only Lamborghini SUV ever produced :)

    Yeah, I also built lots of crazy tracks, but then usually forgot which ones were which ;) I had like almost one hundred of them, yeah crazy huh !?

    And the drifting... true, but with me, always into the wall or off the track ;)

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