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Discussion in 'Racer Tracks' started by Mr Whippy, Jan 5, 2011.

  1. Alexander Knoll

    Alexander Knoll

    Oh...THX, nice for preview shots^^
  2. It brings up some really strange shadow errors. You can see them in that screen you posted there. (I have them in the exact same place on the car I tried it with.)
  3. The sun is straight down from above, so the light is parallel or perpendicular to the car body sides. Try moving the time to about 1200, suddenly the entire floor goes all acne style as the light is 90deg to the floor...!

    Not really much I can do about that.

    The solution is possibly to run the light at a 75deg angle or so, make the splodge on the floor stretched to mimick a light at an angle a bit more, and then adjust the sun position appropriately.

    I don't mind too much, it's a game afterall...

    There will always be an angle where certain cars/light angles fall foul of the CSM method I guess... :)

  4. Thx Dave, that's what I was looking for, I'll probably create a similar garage but with more visuals...

    Still a question on my mind, is there anyone who knows how to virtually create nice lights ? Yeah sure, with emitters...:redface:
    Was thinking, maybe the ASE format can somehow handle it ? As it does for animation via skeletons...When exporting you have light props to enable prior of exporting....

    You could also create a cone volume & use an appropriate shader with it, just to simulate better the fake light...

    I want to know about lights, we definitely need them for our tracks !