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Stuck with Pro?

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by Dingo-J, May 22, 2010.

  1. I bought BTB Pro version before BTB was split into PRO and EVO versions. I only play GTR and GTR EVO so the EVO version of BTB is the only one that makes sense for me.

    Am I stuck with the PRO version simply because I bought it before the split??

    Anyone know? Is there any way of changing my PRO license to the EVO one?

  2. In short NO...you will need to purchase the evo version as, I and many others have previously done.
    No if's and's or buts it's all in a good cause your money is used to further the creation of the application ...if and when brendon deems it fit to return to completing the design process.
  3. Humm. yeah I understand that but seems I get kinda screwed for supporting him early on. He very easily could have offered an option at the time of the split. Guess I'll just make rFactor tracks and convert them. Such is life eh?
  4. No way! is not true! Stop complaining please. Pro was never splitted to anything. EVo is new version of the program , that is capable to export to GTR etc.. When you bought the PRO version , nobody promised change of export to GTR or other different games. Pro has always promised to export only to rfactor, rx plugin BRB and direct x. You must have seen this when buying BTB PRO and you have still decided to buy it. BTB PRO and EVO are such cheap programs comparing to how powerfull they are. So just buy the new program.! This could be one thing why Piddy is very frustrated to continue working with btb. We users should give all support to him and to the work he has done and definitely not to blaim him about "cheating". The program prices really are ridiculous cheap!
  5. Yes......I agree with zuikki1
  6. LOL! Wow! If me saying it sucks that he didn’t offer a choice has stopped Piddy from working on BTB then I’m afraid there is no hope he will ever finish.

    First , your assumption (and you know what happened when you assume, right?) that I knew it was only for rfactor and whatever else are incorrect. When I bought BTB I bought it very early on when there was talk of being able to export to GTR and Piddy was thanking people for their help in the GTR area. I bought it because I knew it was a work in progress and I wanted to support him. At the time I purchased it, quite honestly, it wasn’t worth the asking price – but like I said, my reason for purchasing when I did wasn’t because I looked at what it could do and said, “this product as is, is worth the money.” I bought it knowing I was supporting a work in progress and that it would lead to more features, and, because of the conversations, even believed it would someday support GTR. And presto!!! It now supports GTR!

    Second, saying that the EVO version is a totally different program than the PRO version is like saying rFactor with Brands Hatch is a totally different program than rFactor with Essington. Huh?

    Third, (whew!) I guess I’m too old to blindly follow someone simply because they did something good. If you buy me dinner, I’m afraid I’m still going to turn you down if you try to hit on me (well, unless you’re a woman, approx 32, and have a very nice body). Just because he made a very cool program and now in its current state he could certainly sell it for more, doesn’t mean I won’t offer up an opinion or even make a complaint when I feel it is warranted. And I have to point out that me saying “it sucks he didn’t offer an option for those of us that supported him early on to decide where we wanted our license to go when he SPLIT the program he was working on into two different versions – PRO or EVO – kinda sucks” is a MILD complaint by any stretch of the imagination.

    I’m sorry if Piddy has stopped work on BTB because too many people were complaining. Not much I can do about that. I’m not going to coddle anyone, or tip-toe around with slippers on and make him a hot coca because I’m afraid he’ll stop working on BTB if I don’t. But then again, I’m not even really complaining. I think you’re loyalty is admirable, but also a bit over the top.

    YES – BTB is an AWESOME program. YES – MANY THANKS to Piddy for what he has done so far. YES – in its current state he should be charging more. YES – I hope he continues his work on BTB.


    Gee, it STILL kinda sucks that he didn’t offer an option for those of us that supported him early on to decide where we wanted our license to go when he SPLIT the program he was working on into two different versions – PRO or EVO.
    So having said that, I will load up a Google Earth map and spend a few hours working on a track that I will eventually convert from rFactor to GTR2. Oh, and be quite happy about it.

    (PS – no this did not warrant such a lengthy response but I enjoy being wordy and probably border(?) on being a bit egotistical.)

    Oh - I never said he "cheated" anyone. I don't think he cheated anyone at all : )
    Maybe you are projecting? Hum?? Lol - just kidding! Gesh!

  7. Dave Stephenson

    Dave Stephenson
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    Please safe the fonts for highlighting parts of your text, that was a nightmare to read.