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struggling on race day!

Discussion in 'F1 2012 - The Game' started by Danny Witts, Apr 9, 2013.

  1. im in my 4th season on career...im in Mercedes who won the constructors last year and in quali I can do alright with the lap times but in race im 2 seconds a lap slower than the leaders which my team mate is fighting for the win I feel im pushing to the best I can. any help would be nice
  2. Are you not braking slightly earlier (due to the extra fuel weight)?
    are your tyres completely shot after too many qualy laps?

    I cant think of any other reason why it would make you slower :S

    What assists are you using?
  3. Could be a tyre issue. I know doing a hot lap takes at 10% or so out of the softs, so the wear quicker, slowing you down. Also, you need to alter your driving style to suit the heavier car. Other than that, I can' think of anything.

  4. Actually, I brake later on the start of a 100% race. Usually.

    As for thread starter, Mercedes has the biggest tyre wear of all cars. Maybe that makes you problems. You won't really save the tyres much with driving style, if u don't drive horribly wrong. So you need to adjust yourself and your setup for heavier car. Mind that with a heavy car, trail braking is a lot more effective. And also mind that for sharper turns = braking only with straight wheel. No trail braking there.

    Also, I see a lot of people overpushing. Don't try to go above the limit of the car. If you outbrake yourself and lose time, just brake 5m earlier.

    I don't know what else to say. I think you can find your mistakes by yourself if you look into the way you drive. That's the best way to improve. :p
  5. thanks for the response guys changed me driving style and seems to be working still not fighting for wins but im now fighting for podiums so cheers :)
  6. for me its the other way...struggling in qualify and fast in race :p
  7. Hehe guess someone has to be different :p