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Tracks Streets Of Homebush 2010 v1.0

rfactor 2 v8supercars track

  1. Frosty submitted a new resource:

    Streets Of Homebush 2010 - rfactor 2 v8supercars track

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  2. gday all I have had some dramas with the track so ill be uploading it now sat as I have to sort out a the drama I got cheers n sry again in advance but sat is 100% on the cards of been released and over time I will make the tracks textures better to come in line with 2015 graphics
  3. Thanks look forward to your next release.
  4. I have a the new version but its 397mb n its 97 over to upload it here so what can I do I hope this link works
    Last edited: Dec 6, 2015
  5. sry on long delay also there is a problem in starting the race format in the gdb file ill sort it out for the next update in few days or weeks see what I can do cheers leave the feed back below
  6. Looking forward to driving Homebush with RealRoad! Your 1.0 was a lot of fun. The GoogleDrive link up there does not work... do you have another link?
  7. cheers mate what I will do is try n fix the two drama I have with the track at the moment sort of small drama n re pack it up I need to try n drop the size of the track down maybe if I can ill upload a fresh install
    sry n cheers mate on reply
  8. I will try n release a new copy tonight some time track needs to be smaller in size n adding all new sponsors in bring it inline cheers
  9. Looking forward to your next release.