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Street cars... How to get them driving fast?

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by Arkadiusz Wawrzyniak, Jan 4, 2014.

  1. Hi. I am very fast with all race cars I drove so far in any sim, but now we are talking about AC. Not extremly fast like for example Morgan Morand, but not much behind. My times are mostly in top 15 on rsr and some of them are even better. I did poleman, german contract and so on. But... street cars, 458 italia and mp4 12c to be specific... I struggle with them very much. They are understeery on turn in, oversteery on exit. Right now I can barely make a mid 1,55 with 458 on Imola (maybe I could make a 1,54 but rsr app does not allow to get on green thingy with 4 wheels and AC does, and my best time on v0,3 was mid 1,54), and high 2,18 on silverstone with mp4. I couldn't find the secret to drive them very fast. I am always in some 30ish places. From youtube videos I've seen I noticed that I brake like 20-30m sooner then fast gyus, but I really can't brake later. It is just impossible. Do you have some adivce/tricks on how to drive this bloody bastards?
  2. For me the McLaren just never felt right...I never felt in sync with the car like I can feel with almost all the others in AC. I decided to do a test.
    I took the McLaren to Silverstone International and made laps with all assists and aids off. My best lap put me 52nd on the RSR leader board. I turned on ABS and in a handful of laps I bettered my time by a tenth or so. I turned on TCS and on level 1 it was just too intrusive and felt like it was slowing me down rather than helping. I set it to level 2 and it was much better. I shaved another tenth or so off my time. I exited the track and went against all that is right and set stability control from 0% to 100%. I turned ABS on and set TCS to level 2 and started making laps. In less than 10 laps I ran over eight tenths better than my PB and now sit 11th on the board.
    Nobody 1-10th are using aids or assists and I have a mark of shame next to my name that I have to live with but for me the car started doing alot more of what I wanted it to and obviously ran faster.
  3. That mclaren was designed to be run with its tcs systems controlling the car.

    The italia is a dream tho no assits no tcs,

    The biggest dif between road cars and race cars is downforce, race cars have boatloads more of it in general.

    Race cars are stripped down they have no safety stuff a road car is required to have, no sound proofing, so on so they are lighter.

    So right there your road car is going to be heavier so there is going to be more weight transfer in corners than your typical race car, and the lack of downforce means you going to have less grip overall.

    So mindful of all that, you can maybe see how you need to approach the two differently and how they drive on their limits differently.

    Most road cars are going to take turns in 2nd or 3rd gear, being 30 to 60 mph, sweeping turns not withstanding, you break zones will be about the same those really dont change a ton car to car,

    try to get a handle on the italia it has the much wider margine of error, and is a much much more fun car to drive period than the mclaren.

    you hop up into the bmw m3s and so on then you got a even higher center of gravity to deal with on top of a big heavy sedan body. and so on.

    look at the car your driving heck look at some reviews of the cars, most reviewers do not like the mclaren with the driver aids off, the total opposite is true of the italia.
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  4. You driving already better times then most of the user of AC ;) I should be near to you, when i read your examples.^^
    I cant also drive that fast, but they always write: Mclaren has to be driven superclean and slow in superfast out.
    The Italia can be more alive, but dunno how they get so fast. I know only the braking could be more cleaner, when i try it.
  5. You really need to use the brake going into corners to fight the understeer and push the car abit sideways especially in slower turns.
  6. @Arkadiusz Wawrzyniak I just looked you up on the RSR boards and I should be asking you how to go faster.
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  7. I am fresh simracer (got my wheel for only a year), and race since june 2013. After 2,5 months I was in top split in 120h of thunder in iRacing. I am good with race cars. And that is why I am not that good with those 2 street cars (I handle bmw's and lotuses pretty well). They require a diffrent style of driving then race cars on slicks, which I don't get yet. It is not that "simple" as brake, turn in, hit apex, and exit (trail brake if the car allows that). I guess I need more time to learn weight transfer managing which isn't the case in race cars, and also learn how to deal with understeer, cause my driving style isn't working with those 2 bastards.
  8. You share the set you used in the formula abarth at magione and i'll tell you the secret to the McLaren...aw hell, I'll tell you anyway.....65% Stability (yes the newb aid) level 2 TCS, ABS on, 28psi all the way around and it handles pretty damn good...still has some street car understeer but not bad at all.
  9. Well I found that lowering the tyre pressures of the F40 helped massively. I put the rears down to about 22, and lowered the fronts to about 30. You no longer get the random spins every time you go near the throttle with that tyre setup.
  10. Here you have a tuattus setup I use, Michael. It is totaly capable of high 1,30 at Vellunga.

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  11. Depends on driving style. In the road cars to go really fast you generally have to trail brake. I do that with all cars so for me its not something I have to get used to. Basically, if you are used to braking in a straight line and then turn in in a race car, you will just get loads of understeer in a road car. Manage the weight transfer and use it to help turn the car, because when you trail brake into the corner you will get more front bite as the rear gets lighter, and you can also brake later.
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  12. Is that mean there still some braking apply when the car is turning ?? And that alone help the car turn ??
    Thanks first :coffee:
  13. Yes, correct. Like I told you in the thread about tire temps, you first need to get a basic understanding of driving cars before you start fiddling with complex stuff like tire temps ;).

    Why is trailbraking important for some cars? Road cars mostly have a natural tendency to understeer just a little bit. When you brake, the weight of the car shifts forward (mass transfer). Simplified, this means there is more weight on the front wheels when you brake. This weight gives more grip, but be careful: a tire can only sustain so much lateral and longitudinal force: if you brake too hard into the corner, you will understeer, as you are applying to much longitudinal braking force on the tire, and when you steer, you lose some lateral grip of the tire.

    So there is a thin line, a tradeoff, between understeer and (useful) oversteer when trailbraking. It takes quite a bit of practice. Key thing is to brake really hard at first, and then gradually ease of the braking when you start cornering.
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  14. So no roll is require ?? I thought roll (power slide?) the car thru corner like what Chris Harris do is faster ?? Or this trail braking can do with roll at the same time ??
    Thanks first :coffee:
  15. Trailbraking is only used on corner entry. On corner entry, you usually don't apply the throttle. So powersliding can not be there.

    Once you have entered the corner and you arrive at the apex, you get on the power, this shifts the weight from the car again to the back and creates understeer. But because of the engine power of some cars, you could spin your rearwheels now. Depending on the differential, this can create oversteer (=powerslide). If you good throttle control, you can use just a little bit of power oversteer on exit to get a rotate the car. Usually though, no oversteer is faster! It is quite an advanced technique to use power oversteer on corner exits.

    Playing with the weighttransfer of the car is essential. You can even correct entry oversteer by applying a bit of power (this transfers the weight of the car more to the back and corrects the oversteer).
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  16. What you see Chris Harris do requires alot of skill and makes really cool videos but is not the fast way around a track. Some cars in some corners can go marginally faster with a little sliding. This generally happens when all four tires are sliding (again, just a little...barely noticeable in replay) from right before the apex through the exit. It's a very advanced technique that is glorious and makes you feel like Superman when you get it right but will cost you time if not executed perfectly.

    Since you are practicing the Z4 at Magione you can trail brake into turn 1. 98% of your braking will still be done in a straight line up until you enter the turn with just a little brake still applied as you turn in.

    It is hard for me to explain because when I am doing all this while making laps I'm not thinking about any of it. Looking at where I am on the leaderboards maybe I should be thinking of it a little more. lol

    Now that you know Magione like the back of your hand try out different cars there. No amount of setup tricks or book knowledge will do you near as much good as just making laps when you are new.
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  17. So powerslide is actually done after apex ?? Thats something new for me. Then whats that call i slide my car when slow enough but before the apex ?? I thought thats actually powerslide :whistling:
    Thanks again :thumbsup:
  18. Both of you say slide the car is slower but if i didnt slide the car i actually slower .. something must be wrong. By the way i doing 1'25.348 right now rank 7th just right behind you :D
  19. Nice lap...once you beat my time there are only 91 other combos that I have set a time in you can try to beat :laugh:
  20. No thats not what i mean, i telling you is just because i right behind you, not wanna to show off or something further more thats a 6th place not 1st place but then that another 1 second for 1st place is just so difficult to find :cry: