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Strange weekend at Sepang. Please, tell me your opinions...

Discussion in 'F1 2012 - The Game' started by Camacho, Sep 29, 2012.

  1. Hi everyone!

    Yesterday I played my race-weekend at Sepang and I am somewhat puzzled by certain things that happened.

    In Free Practice I made the best time like in Q1 and Q2. Everything was well... until it started raining. In Q3, with rain I was not able to made a good time. I was 2 seconds worst than the 9th best time!! I was incredibly surprised because I did my best in rain and I did not improve anything. It's strange because in the previous games, in rain I was the best. Is this a bug? In rain the AI level is superlative?

    So finally in qualify I was the 10th. Then in race, with light rain at the start, everyone start with intermediate tyres. It's strange that in the first lap everyone entered to pits to put a new set of soft tyres. I don't understand: why they did not start with dry tyres?
    I went ahead without changing wheels because there was light rain yet. The weather was going better and better but I won the race with intermediate tyres. It's clear that my strategy was the best because I won, but why everyone change the tyres? AI with dry tyres and me with intermediate, we made similar times lap by lap. The last laps AI was 1 or 2 seconds better than me but I had enough advantage to win.

    Please, tell me your opinions about what I told above.
    Note: my game is correctly updated through steam to patch 2.

    Thanks in advance for your answers!;)
  2. For the qualifiyng session i think it's because the park ferme rules this year.You had a nice dry setup which helped you be in front in dry conditions but slowed you down in the wet.As for the race, i think AI was very optimistic about race strategy and changed tires very early
  3. And if I have a bad rain setup because of the Parc Ferme rules, why the AI not suffers the same as me? In rain they were very fast and in Q1 and Q2 they were in similar times as mine, so they had good setups for dry and wet...
  4. Yes I know what you mean, at Spa in Q3 was raining and I was really stupid in not seeing the forecast ergo I set up the car to dry, naturally I was 3 seconds behind the 9th time, so I went to the race in the 10th position in the grid, and in the second lap (it was raining but stopping) all the AI pits for WETS, they make a lap and PIT AGAIN for intermediates. Of course, some laps later, with 3 o 4 laps to go in the race the track was dry and they had to pit just like me to change to Options, but you can imagine the time difference that I got seeing that I pitted 1 time and the AI 3 times.
  5. looks like you have Ross Brawn for team manager:D