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Strange noise at starting race

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by Luckyluke76, Jun 28, 2015.

  1. Hi All, when i start a race I ear an annoying noise like : tu tum tu tum tu tum tu tum, that seems to come from the pits.
    It repeats every lap I cross the main straight near the pits.
    I think it's a WAV specific file on the Sounds directory, but what ?

    Thanks for help.
  2. xnorb


    On every track?
    Can you localize the source of the sound?
  3. does it sound like a pneumatic wrench?
  4. See if this can help you, originally for rFactor, but I believe it is the same in SCE.

    "Take repetitive sound of boxes in rFactor / SCE
    In certain tracks there is an engine noise nuisance trying to start the box or pneumatic gun used to change tires. To take that noise, delete a file called "fans_normal_1.wav". It is located in ".. \ GameData \ Sounds \ Ambient". There are two files with the same name, so just erase the "fans_normal_1.wav". The "fans_normal_1.mp3" characterized as "Unknown", you can leave the folder."

    Credits: http://3wideclub.com/portal/tutoriais/item/151-tirar-barulho-repetitivo-dos-boxes-no-rfactor.html
  5. Thank you Wedsley, it's exactly the file i was looking for.
    Once deleted, problem solved.