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Storm (Real Weather 4)

Discussion in 'F1 2012 Mods' started by vlasovas, Nov 11, 2012.

  1. [​IMG][​IMG]


    - The versions with vortex are better for light rain, other are not so visible in light rain
    - The higher the density, you goes have less visibility
    - Who likes to see well on track recommend using "mild effects"
    - The best water droplets are always smaller
    - The best angle of rain where you see much difference is 45 degrees
    - Install Fix language only if you have your game in Portuguese


    mild effects = good visibility on the track
    heavy effects = median visibility on the track
    vortex version = low visibility on the track, More Real



    2 packages of textures spray of water, with an original marked effects, and another with new textures used in F1 2011, the previous mod, real weather 3
    28 variations of water spray per package, among various purposes by spray wheels, ground and air
    14 variations, with water spray shorter
    14 variations with water spray longer
    10 variations of drops, with the work of Zeno, and Vlasovas


    - Improvements in the fall of rain water, simulating wind, so that each curve, the rain comes in another direction and no longer the same as the original
    - Improvements in drops of wet objects as, gutters, walkways, traffic lights, etc.
    - Corrections in texts PT BR
    - Replacement of an option bonus to the new vortex 65 short
    - Rename the files to the correct version for those who prefer to extract without using RMM

    made by vlasovas, zeno DYK, La Plata
    testers: La Plata, Daniel Alexandru, cr3ativ3, neuer31, ML2166

    PT BR

    - As versões com vórtice são melhores para a chuva leve, outros não são tão visíveis na chuva leve
    - Quanto maior a densidade, você vai ter menos visibilidade
    - Quem gosta de enchergar bem na pista recomendo o uso de
    "mild effects"

    - A melhor gotículas no capacetes são sempre as menores
    - O melhor angulo da chuva onde se vê muita diferença é o 45 graus
    - Instale o Fix de linguagem apenas se vc tem o seu jogo em Português


    mild effects = boa visibilidade sobre a pista
    heavy effects = visibilidade média na pista
    vortex version = baixa visibilidade na pista, mais real


    2 pacotes de texturas de spray de água, um original com efeitos acentuados, e outro com texturas novas usadas em F1 2011, do mod anterior, real weather 3
    28 variações de spray de água por pacote, entre diversos efeitos de spray pelas rodas, chão e ar
    14 variações, com spray de água mais curto
    14 variações com spray de água mais longo
    10 variações de gotas, com o trabalho de Zeno, e de Vlasovas


    - melhorias na queda de água da chuva, simulando vento, de modo que a cada curva, a chuva vem em outra direção e não mais na mesma como no original
    - melhorias nas gotas de objetos molhados como, calhas, passarelas, semáforos, etc.
    - correções nos textos em PT BR
    - substituição de uma das opções bonus, para o novo vortex 65 curto
    - renomeação dos arquivos, para a versão correta, para os que preferem extrair sem usar o RMM

    feito por vlasovas, zeno DYK, La Plata
    testers : La Plata, Daniel Alexandru, cr3ativ3, neuer31, ML2166

    Install with the "Ryder Mod Manager "


    Visit for updates more videos and information: http://vlasovas.blogspot.com.br/
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  2. mydriaz


    Great job ! I love racing in bad weather conditions.
    In my opinion, 28 different versions of spray is too much, difficult to choose the right package between all those... I like type 23, then type 5, 7 and 11.
    About packages, I'd prefer putting "all in one package Ryder Mod Manager" in order to change easily from one package to another...
    Thank you.
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  3. Maybe you can do at Short Spray Light, Medium and Heavy and also for Long Spray..?

    Sorry for that kind of English
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  4. Great stuff,one question thou about the weather is it possible to remove the rain drops from the screen whenever i am driving with tcam ? Because its kinda annoying a little.
    Anyways this would be a great mod in my opinion cant wait to see it when its complete.
  5. Looks good. We don't really need too many options, like what HNad has said? That would be too much work for you IMO.

    I do not use Ryder's mod manager so I don't know how that works, but as long as I can extract the file and move it to where I want that's okay. Your exe's worked fine for me in that regard.

    Looks good so far, keep it up Vlasovas :)
  6. Fantastic job ! Perhaps like HNad said about 6 types in total, 3 for Short and 3 for Long, is a good idea...
  7. actually they are all done now, is that we have made several to choose the best then, but the problem is that one was better than the other and serves a variety of users who always ask for different types, but the opinion of you guys gave me an idea launch a full pack and a soft pack with 6 options only, so you download the full, whoever wants to have many variations, I'll use the drops of 2011, and create a more variation, and also have the drops of zeno also , were very good!
    I wish I had more time to find more things to change accordingly, but the work is pretty big, I think here is good, anything I launch in form of update
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  8. should be to edit in there. xlm of cameras, see if someone made ​​a mod to cameras can do it
  9. Hello, I would like to choose separately, Greetings
  10. Great work!:thumbsup: Which one is most real? Where is download link?Thanks for replies
  11. Just what I was waiting for. Your rain mod for 2011 was amazing and I expect no less this time :thumbsup:
  12. mydriaz


    If you do this, could you make a version with drops, it's more realistic.
    Thank you.
  13. is ready, I need to make some videos, and to preview some silliness
    but still need to have the return of those who tested on the drops also
    I throw this week, first on my blog, then here
    I thank the clicked on my links, I can buy my first game using the money I got from notworking.url, maybe I'll buy RACE ON or wait another
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  14. Great as always .... vlasovas look forward to the link to try this great mod f1 as in 2011 hopefully soon ..:thumbsup:
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  15. ML2166

    If quizzes are quizzical then what are tests?

    Gotta say, this is pretty awesome in game.


  16. My opinion is that at version which should be worst is not bad enough ... the density is not enough ... compare to real Heavy Rain .... compare to Malaysia ... further i think the spray is "lagging" too much ....
    Its good work...but im not happy with it

    I still see too much and on replay its too less compact
  17. Not all of us use Ryder Mod Manager (I use GME, and prefer it because I have it set up how I like). Are the files which make up the different versions all different edits of the same file? I mean, you could just make a texture folder with two choices, and then a config folder (with the effect configs for spray length etc) separately and we could pick and choose our own combinations. I think this is the most flexible, and also would save you the work of making all combinations which must take forever.
  18. I'll have to spend the last release, use the TYPE 12
    you will see that is very strong, more than that I think it hinders visibility
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  19. the RMM style, the mod comes on. RAR, then you just simply extracting in the destination folder, which can be done is an exe, but still are many versions to this
    the mod has many changed files, separate files by just becoming salad
  20. BWX


    Is it possible to make the rain drops (from the sky) fall toward you when driving? - not straight down like CM have them? That is the biggest problem for me with rain, the rest is just icing on the cake..

    I would like to be able to just replace files.. I do not use any exe or installers ever. I just replace files and make my own backups..

    I remember where things go better that way and can figure out where they go by the mod coming in the correct folder hierarchy, like the tire mods and the HD cars mods, etc.

    Thanks though, this is going to be awesome.