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Misc STORM 4 - F1 2016 1.3

Weather, Reshade, Flares

  1. vlasovas submitted a new resource:

    STORM 4 - F1 2016 - Weather, Reshade, Flares

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  2. HI, I´m a big fan of the past of your really cool high lod mod and your awesome tire mods. Thhe storm mod of you was amazing in the past. This brings me to mod F1 2014. Do you know how you can change the level of detail system in F1 2016. I mean the trees are looking more worst as the trees in the old game. Objects switching to early from high lod to low lod or level 2 lod. This all destroys the immersion a lot. If you have no time to do this. I can do this. My F1 2014 Mods are nearly complete only sponsoring changes.

    I can´t found route overrides, lod overrides, and ornament atributes files in F1 2016. Why they use stuff from modders but the new engine is totally hardcoded and not midding friendly.
  3. Indeed, they hidden everything in the new engine, I do not see why, because the mods give a longer life to the game, I had great difficulty in making this mod for this reason, besides not having .xml available, and those that exist, bug if you add a high value, as the lod, I'm still not well acquainted with the new system, but if I see that it is possible to make tires, and can find the files, I even do
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  4. " I do not see why, because the mods give a longer life to the game " . You answered your own question right there vlasovas . They dont want the game to be massively moddable as they want you to buy next years game and the easier it is to mod the more likely it is that people can churn out better 2017 , 2018 mods etc when the time arises .
  5. Thanks Vlasovas, like your storm mods in the past, this is great
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  6. This would be amazing. If Peter Tasev found out how I can change Lod. I will do that. Game is good but very buggy.
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  7. Hello Hulk kkk, yes but even when it was released for mods, until 2014, there were good sales, less in 2014, but through no fault of mods, but because it came only with the 2014 season, people had classics expectations every year was the reason, because the 2014 is a good game considering the old engine, it just did not bring what they wanted
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  8. I have a little problem:

    A restart solved the Problem!
    Last edited: Oct 2, 2016
  9. Ok, I use RMM because it is a mod with multiple versions, so each user, use of the mod just what you want or everything !
  10. As written after the edit, the Problem solved itself after a restart of the PC.
  11. Nice work man, can you tell me what the files in the flare folder alter?
  12. AMAZING JOB... as always, Vlasovas... This is really F1 rain spray!
  13. Incredible work. truly awesome. Thank you.
  14. Thank you all !
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  15. welcome back Vlas, another top notch mod once again :thumbsup:
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  16. Ok Friend ! the camera mod that launched today complete this mod, would release as update of this , but on the same files have cameras, so I decided to post separately
  17. Hi your mod is super but i have problem shift + Tab not working on steam what is solution ?
  18. must be due to Reshade, try disabling the Reshade in game by pressing "Scroll Lock" I not have tested it yet because he not had noticed this problem, but perhaps solve, then activate the same key again