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Misc Storm 3 - F1 2014 1.4

weather, drops, fumes, rubber track, locked wheel, improved all purposes, also works in the F1 2013

  1. vlasovas submitted a new resource:

    STORM 3 - F1 2014 - by vlasovas - weather, drops, fumes, rubber track, locked wheel, improved all purposes, also works in the F1 2013

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  2. Fenomenale FE-NO-ME-NA-LE
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  3. can you please write what i have to do to install on f1 2014 i am "limited" for the eyes and im not so fast to read them in the source you introduced
  4. agnus rock silva

    agnus rock silva
    @ Simberia @Simberia

    ae man,

    o carro da willians esta com bug estranho,não conssigo jogar no modo time trial,mas em outros modos joga de boa ,aconteçe que esse bug não deixar o jogo carregar e fecha o jogo,o que pode ser se ja peguei até toda pasta original do carro willians sem mods e coloquei no jogo que tem upgrades aleatorios e nada ?

    obs: outros carros esta normal.


    the car willians with this strange bug, not conssigo play in time trial mode, but in other ways plays good, it turns out that this bug does not let the game load and closes the game, which can be if already picked up all original folder willians the car without mods and put in the game that has nothing random and upgrades?
    note: other cars is normal.
  5. thank you, have attention to installation, because there are many separate thing, so everyone uses what they like, the videos are quite clear on the different versions, see the two

    you will extract only or will use the Ryder Mod manager?
    later I will make a video of the mod own in installation

    I did the whole mod only using the mercedes, rbr and mclaren, I'll see if the same happens here, vou dar uma olhada !
  7. the problem of willians is not this mod, but in the High Lod 2014, do not use this mod when in time trial
  8. agnus rock silva

    agnus rock silva
    @ Simberia @Simberia

  9. Ok Man, Disponha ! ;)
  10. is here in RMM
  11. and Extraction
  12. Excellent job ! Well done vlasovas :thumbsup:
  13. @vlasovas Again mate you are back with a bang
  14. you can think i'm stupid or something but i didn't understand which is the folder for fumes from tires blocking in your archive and the track effect ?
  15. do not worry, I know it's a bit complicated it is a mod from many different parts, and We dispose at separate all people assemble with what they find good, folders are this with locked wheel, spray and gum
    Long Spray game Kadosh
    Long Spray game Vlasovas
    Short Spray game Vlasovas

    I'm doing update
  16. Vlasovas , the author of this great mod "Storm 3 v1.0" explained very clear the contents of this package and how we can install this.

    - 9 different types of drops of 2 different authors, one without drops clear view!
    - 2 different parameters of tracks, strong and smoother
    - 3 Types of Water Spray
    - Brake fumes highly visible
    - Rubber gum will raise of the ground to go through them
    - Text in Portuguese fixed 2014 and 2013 ( attention to install )
    - All worked fumes
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  17. thank you for the explaning i understand now :)
    Very good work man i really like this mod
  18. I managed to already improve more in the update, still working !
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  19. Fireworks became balls of light with the mod.

  20. ok thank you, I did not see the night as it was, I'll look to see what went wrong