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Misc STORM 2 1.3

Weather Effects, F1 2013, Spray of Water, Raindrops

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  1. Thank you very much. Loved the work you guys did in 2012. Was waiting for this mod from you since the original weather isn't the best in the this game.(especially with the flickering every so often) Great job.
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  2. unfortunately the flasher, I could not withdraw! expect the code, fix!
    but only to the second curve, the remainder of the race works normal!
    was more laborious, as they have less functional options this year
  3. Great work mate. :thumbsup:
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  4. Thank you so much .. vlasovas .. you did a great job ... thank you .. thank you .. thank you...:thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:
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  5. yay! thanks vlas. just bought the classic upgrade to my F1 2013 copy on steam from the sale. Will be checking this out.
  6. Vlas...which settings do u recommend? The la plata version looks good for the front wheels...nice vortex of the water..but the rooster tails are too short. The type 1 seems dense...but the differentiation in front is not too great. Which ones do u suggest? small rain drops and type 1?
  7. will be kind of hard to answer: are very close, did not like having something so different! but I'll try!

    mine are small and low visibility (one of them has no movement), those of Zeno are larger and better visibility
    type 1 and type 2 are the same variation, however, the 2 shorter and less scattered around the track (work well in the game, but the replay does not appear very spiral)
    Type 3 is the same variation of type 1 but with a few effects on spray in wheels brings , if I did not confuse the balls, because in the end I was already crazy :geek:, passing an idea that hit light in the spray, and he shined, seems less dense for this effect but it is the same thing
    type 4 was the @kadosh54 which made it very dense and concentrated, very different, and has a good consistency in the replay, but it also will not appear much larger spiral in replay
    type 5 I made solely for the spiral appears on the replay, at stake is less dense than the previous ones, and are tufted, but is the only way to spiral appears on the replay ( the replay improving ... loses in the game, if the replay loses ... improve in the game, is how it works unfortunately )

    Type 1-4: the focus was the game! where: 4 responded well to play and replay
    Type 5: the focus was on replay

    track improvements, which are separate, they increase the density in about 20% of all modes, but are good along with the type 5 to appear in the replay, also works in the others, but will have a better result in 5, perhaps even with the original Sprays, is better, I not have tested

    I will not recommend a set of parts, because not even I have chosen yet, but is there explained the differences,

    sorry english
    Last edited: Nov 30, 2013
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  8. Thanks for your help Zeno! greatly improved the variance for choices! and their drops are very beautiful
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  9. Almost perfect work, thank you :thumbsup:
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  10. Thanks for the explanation Vlas. :)
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  11. melhorou o jogo parabens mano ,lembra quando conversamos disso da relação do 2010 pros demais que erqm ruins?- this cool- the riginal game is shitt
  12. Thank you good job as always:D:D:roflmao::roflmao::thumbsup:
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  13. so it was you, just laying there on my blog right ?
    this year was pretty dense, and use the improvements, will get even more.
    missed some things but building spray is based on 2 stages of the same. In f1 2012 had more sprays that completed the job!
    the 2013 had far fewer resources and very limited, the solution was to put the density up there!
    somewhat resembles the 2010 and has the version of @kadosh54 which is very dense, he has piloted kart and said that it is so then it is so
  14. Is it working in Multiplayer?

    Btw very confusing

    Whats different between texture 1 & 2
    and whats the differents in Longspray 1 & 3 & Replay
    Last edited: Nov 30, 2013
  15. It means since different fx are being used in replays compared to actual "in-game" during player driving, there are multiple settings that are configured for best fx either in replays or in game.
  16. gracias
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  17. Hello brother .Where did you get the car Senna-you have the video??
  18. read this

    as textures, one is the normal game, and the other is in the form of drops at the end of the spray just have different variations
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  19. search @kadosh54