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EU Stop or Continue with the AMS Racing Club?

Discussion in 'Automobilista Racing Clubs & Leagues' started by Bram, Jul 12, 2016.

  1. Bram

    Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    Hello all.

    In the last couple of weeks the attendances for AMS Racing Club events (with exception of the F3 Wednesdays) have gone down to all time lows and have now reached the level we have to ask you the question if we should continue or not.

    I speak for myself that I currently can't find the motivation anymore to login multiple times a day to manually update sign up threads, fire up servers, send invitational messages to hundreds of drivers and then have to start an event with 7 drivers a week later.

    Only six weeks ago we had 50 or more drivers that wanted to race in MINI Friday events and now we had to take it off the schedule as there was zero interest. Only weeks ago sign ups were booming only minutes after we opened a thread and now 60% of the sign ups are done in the dying seconds before the event, effectively maintaining the simsheep effect we all hate so much and the main reason grids stay empty.

    So would you guys like us to setup events for AMS still or do we move to another game? Please give us some detailed feedback of events you really want to sign up for.
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  2. jimortality

    Premium Member

    Is it the fact it's summer?
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  3. ouvert

    Premium Member

    yep I would say vacations, summer, etc .. keep `em going .. perhaps lower the amount of events or do poll week ahead with class/track combination guys here wanna drive to ... I`m sure in fall/winter everything will get back where it used to be ..
    Is participation on other sims events much higher ?
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  4. Well if it went back to normal Brazilian V8 racing, with the odd indycar/open wheel race with mandatory pitstops I'd be interested. But I am not interested in the silly mini's or the F3's, vee's etc but that's my personal opinion.
    But again it's summer, people might have better things to do. I for one have other hobbies that take precedent over sim racing on some summer nights, perhaps others do too?
    Maybe you should try and attract new comers and the less skilled more by allowing low aids and levelling the fields up a bit? It seems the usual guys are all the fast experienced guys that always race like there's a trophy or fame at the end of it or are practising for one of their league events and just end up lapping people and some guys just end up racing on their own. I don't honestly know the answer other than it happens every summer doesn't it?
    The RRE race club seems to be doing well. So someone is doing it right.
    Perhaps the answer is to limit the events to two per week? I personally prefer races where pitstops are mandatory and full damage is enabled too but I would allow low aids to allow the lesser skilled/casual racer to stand a chance and have some fun.
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  5. JoshyB

    Premium Member

    I can't speak for how it has been in the recent past but I would love it to keep going, the variety and relaxed nature of the races is why I signed up. I don't know what the most popular combos are, but maybe a weekly 'poll' race would help (vote on a selection of tracks/cars to see what people would like to race). I know I'll sign up to the F-Vee races but can't contribute much to the race because I can't drive them for toffee, an alternative choice might help.

    Also, how about the possibility of changing the format? Are reverse grids possible (maybe with a two heat race?) I like the idea of a mandatory stop as well, just to mix things up a bit.

    Please keep going!
  6. max1966i

    Premium Member

    I'm with Josh, keep it going.

    I can only manage Friday night racing occasionally, which doesn't help, but it's been great to join in when it's possible.................it's great to know the events are being held but if the attendances are going to continue to slide it is understandable that it will come to an end, which would be sad.

    Par for the course I would doubt I can manage this week, though there appears to be nothing planned, but I was looking forward to next as I could be there....fingers crossed.
  7. Jempy

    Premium Member

    Summertime and holiday period, Bram ... don't worry we have the same problem at our french league with AC ;)
    More family, garden, BBQs and strand period than .... driving alone at home. :D
  8. Bram

    Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    I have experienced 10 summers now on RD but the downwards spiral this year globally is crazy, not just RD. Online racers are really becoming an endangered species.

    This game has been sold what 15,000 times? On an average evening we have 20 guys in our server of 30 in the entire lobby. The remaining 14970 are busy impressing their followers on youtube that they can beat the AI on 80%??

    On the subject of Mandatory Pitstops, I am pretty sure that the server doesn't support forced pitstops.

    I'll happily continue with the Formula 3 events on Wednesday as long as they get a decent grid size and I think it's time for a few more driver academy events soon.

    I refuse to accept that AMS can't be a proper online racing sim.

    To all: when you like an event, please sign up as soon as possible and kill this simsheep effect. Don't wait for others to go first because they won't
  9. Jempy

    Premium Member

    Is the big Freezes problem encountered by some drivers now settled, Bram ? .... as I had the same problem ...
    I haven't seen any new message about it .... and maybe this is also a reason why some drivers are not signing up ??
    I tested on our own league server: not using DynHud and lowering graphics in game seem to settle this freeze problem. ( still have to test once more with Boxer Cup )
  10. Reb.Ellion

    Premium Member

    Maybe it is because always the same race series to be driven.
    I have here the Cayman Cup, Renault Sport RS01 2015, Mercedes Cup, Lotus Elise Cup and the Camper Extreme. All finished, but they will not be used here for league races or events.
    Unfortunately, I then see no need to release the mods here.
    Finally, it is my goal to publish modifications have also place in a league.
    Too bad.
  11. kedy89

    Premium Member

    • summer
    • CTDs/freezes/other bugs the last times I raced
    • lack of events using F1 content
    • late start times, partially
  12. Bram

    Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    I have absolutely no idea what you are talking about. Care to explain? Are those mods you made yourself for AMS? Legal?
  13. jimortality

    Premium Member

    Or it could be, we're all playing the new Arma 3 expansion lol!!
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  14. Shawn Jacobs

    Shawn Jacobs
    SpeedyMite Racing Premium Member

    I definitely don't want to see them go, but I can't really argue if you do decide to as I haven't been able to make a race for over a week (only having done the 1 raceroom event in that time).

    Initially I thought I wouldn't enjoy the obscure events but to be honest I find them a welcome change and have really enjoyed them :)

    I still think splitting nights with raceroom is a good idea, both games are great and its hard to choose between them lol

    But yeah maybe just two events a week or something? Wednesday and Friday/Saturday?

    And please don't kill off season 10 of mini challenge really looking forward to that one :)
  15. jimortality

    Premium Member

    I also think the problem may be clashing with other race nights. I haven't done any racing recently but as Shaun mentioned, there is too much choice. If I'm racing then it tends to be raceroom because that's now my favourite all time sim but sometimes you see another event that is on and there are too many to choose from!!
    Last edited: Jul 13, 2016
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  16. Patrick Giranthon

    Patrick Giranthon
    Premium Member

    Hey Bram. At SRE we use a litlle database for signing. You click, you are in, you re-click, your are out. No need to check anything.
    Perhaps it could help you to rest a bit.

    For races, in summer, I have decided to run an event every 14 days. First summer open tonight with 26 guys (20 expected I think). But with 3 races a week, I dont think it could stay at this level...
    Anyway, too much games to keep poeple gathered I am afraid...
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  17. Race starts usually at 20:00 GMT+1 for me. I usually get home at 19:30 which means i get into the sim and start racing so i can practice a bit OR i can't attend the race because a man's gotta eat after work. I like the group that runs AMS, every race is a fun race no matter the car/track, i always had a good time and really appreciate the organzation's efforts!
    Racing schedule is a bit too early for me but since I'm in Portugal and everyone in Europe is at least an hour ahead that won't be changed.

    I'd love to see more v8's, the australian ones, that's the only suggestion regarding car/track combo!

    For me the AMS club is a must keep going but i can't attend many of the races!
    And now i'm sad!
  18. Miguel Muñiz

    Miguel Muñiz
    Premium Member

    It's summer, and I miss more variety of events such as Formula CART or Formula V10.
  19. Szymon Olizarowicz

    Szymon Olizarowicz
    Premium Member

    I recently started to work over 50 hours a week (with Brexit I may not afford masters degree next year, depending how economy goes and uni fees change) so I come back home at around 18:00, 2 hours before the actual race. I have two hours to wash myself, eat and practice enough so I'm able to keep it on the road. I don't mind committing to a race I am really interested in, but something that only mildly attracts me will probably be ignored. Nothing that can be done about it, just a change in personal circumstances.

    Also the events seem repetitive. Where's boxer cup? Where are touring cars? Where is formula retro? Where's opala '86? Where are superV8s? Where are modded cars? I understand that AMS doesnt have an astonishing amount of content, but to me we have a lot of repetitive events; to the point where another Taruma (no chicane) could give me a mild stroke. Copa Montana was a nice breath of fresh air but those cars require a lot of practice, at least with my particular style of driving.

    Other problems involve a lot of things pointed out by others, holidays, clashing events (on Monday I can participate in f-vee or Mazda cup in AC, similar amateur-ish race events). I am by no means criticising the calendar in general, if anything it's the best race club on this forum, but when you combine all those issues together, few months from release people may loose interest. :(
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  20. Paul Bennett

    Paul Bennett
    Premium Member

    Supply an demand, does any club need more than 2 races a week :whistling: