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WIP Stoney Hell's Mountain 10,5km

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder Projects' started by DeepJKL_FIN, Jan 9, 2011.

  1. Track is 10,5km long. A closing loop. The road is formed from 4 roads selected in Google Earth. Alttitude by 3D route builder free version, Objects by random in Bob's Track Builder.

    From scratch to drivable: 2 hours. Nothing fancy, but we thought it was fun to drive. :cool:


    http://www.mediafire.com/?0fj777p57fv1b4k <-Exctract to RBR\RX_CONTENT\TRACKS\

    For interested track maker i can send the BTB project including the basic road loop. I have other projects so, if some one is interested to make a better track out of this.
  2. Considering the time spent building this track the outcome is really nice :)

    I hope you'll make another quickie in the future between your other projects because it's always nice to have some new roads to drive. I'm kinda tired hotlapping the same tracks over and over again :)
  3. Well... here You go:

    St Comaland Route 559 Gravel

    11,9km gravel in the forest.
  4. Nice. You could name it "Meet a stone at 23 fps" ;)
  5. :) Yep, no optimizing in quickies... thou it run 60fps on my computer... :tongue:
  6. If you just divide the road for parts e.g. with Material Change and change LODs from 2000 to something resonable - everybody could be happy. This takes maybe 5 more minutes ;)
  7. I am doing that with the RallyPark project. These quickies are just old fooling around with BTB roads. If any one is interested to have the projects files and correct these quickies, it's fine by me. I'm sorry for the gray hair that i produce to You martinez.
  8. They run fine for me, and I'd love to have the project files... all I'd really do is add some pace notes and call it finished.
    I really enjoy these tracks, thanks for sharing them.
  9. No problem, my friend :) I have enough gray hair :D
    I just want you to be sure it's not because of you. Peace :)
  10. Thanks again!