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Misc Stoffel Vandoorne to McLaren-Honda 1.1

This replaces J. Button for S. Vandoorne at McLaren-Honda (Ideal for season 2)

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    Stoffel Vandoorne to McLaren-Honda - This replaces J. Button for S. Vandoorne at McLaren-Honda

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  2. You can also change things like date of birth, nationality, place of birth with the Ego Language Editor.
    There's also a way to create an avatar that looks like vandoorne, so you don't see button on the podium, but i dont know how to that. The Ocon to Manor mod did that pretty well. Check it out.
  3. CW.


    The only way I know of to change nationality would be to change what the flag looks like. This worked fine for Haryanto as he is the only Indonesian driver but if you tried it with button to vandoorne you would change all British drivers to be from Belgium. But yes you can change the nationality text etc (seen in the select driver menu) by editing the language files
  4. yeah you cant change the flag, but in your 2nd picture it says he's British and you can change that
  5. I have figured out Date of Birth and Place of Birth but i cant work out how to change nationality, what is the cell name do you know?
  6. it's "lng_nationality_british" , but that changes the nationality for all british drivers, i thought there was maybe like "lng_button_nationality", so you can change the nationality for a specific driver, but that's not the case
  7. Yeah I found the 'lng_nationality_british' but evidently I didn't want to change the nationality of all British drivers!