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Stock Car V8 - Londrina

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme Setups' started by Keith Pawson, Aug 8, 2011.

  1. Here is my Londrina set in Race config, I tried to make it as stable as I could in the back part of the track with left hand sweeper that drops down. I think it also brakes better than the default into the first 2-3 corners... anyway hope it helps.

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  2. Thanks for sharing, Keith! It was getting a bit harder to improve my time with default setup.
  3. Bram

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    Hey Keith,

    Tried your race setup last Monday and I must say: me likey :)

    Thanks for sharing!
  4. No worries Bram, good to hear you likey :)
  5. Keith, What's your best time in the track using this setup?
  6. Gonna try it now! Thanks for sharing!
  7. My lap time with my set is 1:13:2, I will try this set.
  8. mydriaz


    Thank you for sharing your settings :)
  9. 1.14 with this setup
    1.14 with default setup
    1.14 with my setup
    Guess the problem is with my driving skills :(
  10. Thanks for the set. Worth about 0.8 for me over the default. If only I can get that beeping chicane right! :mad:
  11. I have a car setup for GSC2012 Londrina that works well, but it was still a work in progress.

    I just bought GSC2013 and created a new setup using the same settings from my old GSC2012 setup and plan to continue tweaking it.

    I just tried a few qualify laps in GSC2012 and got a 1.11.921 on lap 2 with no driving aids.
    Now I am going to test the same setup in GSC2013 and continue tweaking it.
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  12. I got a 1:11.486 qualify time with a full tank of gas on lap 2.

    I just tried racing with 1 other car on 95% difficulty and passed him right away, on lap 3 I was way ahead of him and got a 1.11.262.


    I'm going to continue working on the setup and try to get a time in the 1.10's. I have not tried any other tracks or cars yet since I bought the game, which is obvious from the picture above, lol. I want to get Londrina squared away first before I move on to anything else. I don't know why it says that I have driven 521 laps when I definitely have not driven that many laps of Londrina yet in GSC2013. Sometimes I drive less than half a lap and quit back to the pit to make some changes to my car, so maybe it is counting that as full laps.
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  13. I got a 1.10.858 today and I drove the lap badly. So now I am going to focus on bringing my time down into the 1.09's, which I think should be very possible.

    After making some very helpful changes to my car, I am now getting much better times, but I still want to keep testing and tweaking until I get everything working perfectly. So far I am about 90% there.
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  14. You can always share your setup(if that is your thing) and get feedback and opinions from other racers

    And nice times ;)
  15. Here is my setep.

    Driven a 1:10.6

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  16. Everything about my Londrina car setup is the opposite of what most drivers are used to, starting with a 2 wing, full power and weak breaks. This car setup allows me to purposely drift the car on many turns and tap the handbrake to cut tighter turns. The car will not spin out easily and it offers great recovery on the rare occasion that the car might fishtail. This setup allows me to drive over curbs and put 2 tires in the grass with no worries at all.

    I use a Logitech Driving Force Pro wheel because I prefer a tiny steering wheel. I use the default 200 degree steering setting with a 40% centering spring and no force feedback. In the game, I use a 33 degree steering lock and in Options/Controls/Garage3 I set my steering X Axis sensitivity to 35% and use a steering deadzone of a 3%. I set my RZ Axis brake pedal sensitivity from default 50% to 90%, but it still feels weak because of my 72.0:28.0 brake bias setting. My car steers very sharp, but this car setup allows me to do so, and give extra gas through turns, without ever spinning out.

    I know very little about adjusting car setups. This car setup was created based on a lot of trial & error experimentation. It is still a work in progress. If anybody would like to offer their assistance in trying to help me improve this setup further, it would be greatly appreciated.

    Changing the 72.0:28.0 brake bias to allow harder braking may cause the car to spin out easy when taking the downhill chicane after the pit exit. With a 72.0:28.0 setting, you will have no more worries of spinning out in that location. Just remember to brake very hard before you start to downshift. You can also set the coast setting higher to allow heavier down shifting without it acting like a brake and causing you to spin out.

    I recorded this video today. On my first lap I got a 1.10.739, which isn't too bad considering my tires were cold and I obviously drove the lap badly. I tried drifting the car on one turn to demonstrate it's easy drifting abilities and excellent spin control. I am not a good driver. If I use the default setup I spin out a lot and I get terrible laps times. This setup allows me to get great laps times and I never spin out ever. I have recently gotten plenty of 1.09's with this setup. I recently got a 1.08 during a race with Ai on 112% difficulty. Anyway, ride at your own risk, but remember, this setup is designed to take risks, so don't be afraid of driving sloppy and riding on curbs or giving it a little extra gas when exiting a turn. ;)

    Change your the steering lock according to the type of wheel you use.

    Download: Fergus O'Daly Londrina Car Setup

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  17. 1.10.500 Lap 2

    Same car setup as above, different paint job. I accidentally cut too deep into one corner and went airborne and had a rough landing, but the car handled it extremely well. It's not my best time for this track, I usually get better lap times when I am not recording, which is usually when I am not not even trying to get a good lap time. I think the key to getting a good lap time is to not think about it or try too hard.

    In this video my brake pedal is using a 50% deadzone because my brake pedal has been acting weird the past few months and refuses to act properly in this game. Anything less than a 50% deadzone and the brake pedal shows as being pressed when I am not touching it. Recalibrating my controller seems to fix the problem, but then the problem reoccurs after about 5 minutes. Strangely this problem does not occur when I play other driving games, so I don't think the controller is the problem, but the problem has been getting worse with each passing month. I will be purchasing a new controller soon to remedy the problem once it becomes unmanageable. I wanted to post this video just to show that even with a 50% deadzone applied to my brake pedal, the car still drives great :)

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