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Stock Car V8 - Interlagos

Discussion in 'GSC Setups' started by Bram Hengeveld, Jul 23, 2011.

  1. Bram Hengeveld

    Bram Hengeveld #27 will return Premium

    My setup for Interlagos

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  2. Danny O'Neill

    Danny O'Neill Premium Licensed

    Thanks Bram will give it a try :eek:
  3. onde coloca o arquivo?
  4. Bram Hengeveld

    Bram Hengeveld #27 will return Premium

    In your setup folder: X:\Games\GSC\USERDATA\YourName\Settings\Interlagos
  5. Keith Pawson

    Keith Pawson Licensed

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  6. Gian Carlos

    Gian Carlos Licensed

    Thanks for sharing, Keith.
  7. Keith, what is your time with this setup?
  8. Keith Pawson

    Keith Pawson Licensed

    Hi Fabianoh, think I was doing 1:38's with it, but I'm not the best driver around that's for sure, so I think low 38's and high 37's would be possible by others. I created the set based on race though and not pure speed (it has 55L of fuel), so if that's what you are asking then you might be better off using Bram's set? Also I think the sets that come with GSC are the best default sets I've ever seen come with a sim, so they are a really good base to start with, that's what I did with this set.

    What are you wanting to achieve though?
  9. Alden Edwards

    Alden Edwards Licensed

  10. So I am not that bad after all, did 1:39 with default setup with a DFGT. Will try your V2 setup, thanks!
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  12. Andy Smith

    Andy Smith Licensed

    How do you get 95% brake pressure on V8's?

    Mine only moves between 80%-90% - very strange.
  13. Andy Smith

    Andy Smith Licensed

    Bump, can anyone explain above re brake % at 95%?
  14. this video was for version 1.6 where the brake pressure could get up to 100%, since this new version 1.7 thebrake pressure can reach a maximum at 90%
  15. Kevin Cordice

    Kevin Cordice Licensed

    Watch the video, awesome run but for me i played a little of it and can't break onto the 1.30:000 times, using a LDFP wheel and pedals:(
  16. Kevin Cordice

    Kevin Cordice Licensed

    Would you be even able to do the time with a Logitech Drive Force Pro wheel and pedals?:unsure:
  17. Thanx for the setup will give it a try and compare to my setup, comments to come later :)
  18. Fergus O'Daly

    Fergus O'Daly Licensed

    I was getting 1.39's on this track, then I installed your setup Keith and got a low 1.37 right away. I changed only the brake bias a little and the steering lock. After many laps I tried lowering the wing to 3, since that is what I am most used to. I can now slide around turns and hit curbs happily without spinning out ever. Not only is this setup improving my lap time, but I now have a tremendous amount of control over the car too. Yeah, the 3 wing slides a lot, but once you learn how to slide the car well, you can pretty much get the car to do whatever you want it to.

    I purposely drift the car on 3 turns and it helps me retain a higher speed. If I begin to lose control, I can recover very easily, which is the best part about it. I can also give it gas early coming out of a turn without spinning around - and if it begins to spin, again - I can recover easily. The 3 wing also handles all of the curbs without any problems - it's probably what I like most about driving the car. The 3 wing loves grass too, lol.

    I was just on a server and I drove over the last high curb before the long straight-away and a guy drafting me made the mistake of following me over the same curb. He spun out badly and took out 3 other cars behind him. I knew before I approached the curb that he would follow me over it and wipe out. It was pretty funny. Normally I avoid that curb, but I couldn't resist setting the trap.
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  19. Harlan Rodrigo

    Harlan Rodrigo Licensed

    Can I use this setup for GSC 2013?