Stock Car V8 - Brasilia

Discussion in 'GSC Setups' started by Keith Pawson, Aug 19, 2011.

  1. Keith Pawson

    Keith Pawson Licensed

    Here is my Brasilia set, nothing fancy just a nice balance for a race or to use as a base:

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  2. Danny O'Neill

    Danny O'Neill Licensed

    Thanks for this :)
  3. thanks,thanks
  4. merci cool
  5. Andy Kettler

    Andy Kettler Licensed

    Hi, how much degrees you are unsing on your wheel when you have a lock at 16 in the setup ?
  6. With some changes, i can get 1:55:xxx with this setup ...
    But my mates are doing 1:53:xxx ... i think i need a lot of pratice yet ...