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Stock Car V8 @ Brasilia - Monday 9 July 2012

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme Racing Club & Leagues' started by Von Butters, Jul 2, 2012.

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  1. I'm so sorry, but I have a lot things to do, so won't be able to join to the session. :(
  2. Martin Maaskant

    Martin Maaskant
    Premium Member

    1:54 :O_o: I'm doing a 1:57 with the theeth in my steering wheel.
  3. Bram

    Whee! Premium Member

    Times are not important, Fun is :)
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  4. I can't find the server online...!
    is it just me?
  5. Thomas Cooke

    Thomas Cooke
    @ Simberia

    Frans, we can't to mate :(
  6. Tanks m8
    was afraid i did something wrong again :D .
    I noticed the "fixed setup, but is that the default or are there adjustments made before the "fix"came in?? If you know what i mean
    Would love to get some laps in...
  7. Thomas Cooke

    Thomas Cooke
    @ Simberia

    all i know its a fixed setup, dont know any other thing about it. :D
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  8. Martin Maaskant

    Martin Maaskant
    Premium Member

    Yeah I know Bram. But when you are doing laptimes that makes you the moving chicane on the track that is no fun. But I saw that the 1:54 was done with tinkering with the setup. My 1:57 was with the fixed setup. So now I'm somewhat relieved :)
  9. its the default Frans. The only things you can change are steering lock, brake bias and fuel.
  10. Squad Webber

    Squad Webber
    Premium Member

  11. Really disappointed, started from 3rd, had a little fight with Thomas and some others, managed to stick with Ivar for about 15 minutes not finding a way past, then into the last corner I lost traction over the kerb and locked the brakes, sending me off sideways into the barrier, destroying my car :( Thanks for the race again anyway Ivar it was fun until then
  12. Thomas Cooke

    Thomas Cooke
    @ Simberia

    you kind of killed my race a bit with that passing :(, because i lost my focus and started to fall backwards, (as that's always the case with me when it comes to the Race) i got a bit of a Lewis Hamilton Syndrome, Quali good, Race it wont just come to my side :(. i was a bit surprised with youre race pace Luke. how did you manage that mate?
  13. To be honest I have no idea, I was quite surprised by my pace too. The car just seemed to work for me and felt very stable (well, until I hit a wall :D)
  14. Thomas Cooke

    Thomas Cooke
    @ Simberia

    but how then, i can't get the pace down when it comes to races i see guys getting past me who where slower than me in quali by some margin :(
  15. Martin Maaskant

    Martin Maaskant
    Premium Member

    I had a blast. Difficult race I started with 100 L of fuel on board. Just made it with one liter left after the finish. Ivar lapped me and that was my rescue. Had a great race with Mitch but could not catch him at the end. P2P was also not an option as you can imagine.

    Well thanks everyonde for the race and see you next time.
  16. My internet decided to stop working for 2 hours. Hope it didn't ruin anyone's qualy.
  17. Grats Ivar!
    I was lot slower than a few guys, but 2nd place fell into my hands, thank you very much! ;)
  18. I was in a saving-mode to make 100L last for 22 laps to make it to the end if the server would have given another lap after the time had run out. Thankfully that wasn't the case today.
    Great fun with Luke though, shame you crashed. I did the same thing in practice and when I went wide there in the race I managed to keep myself on the track :p
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  19. The 1st and only good thing was my 12th Place at the End... but that´s it with positive Things.

    Question: Last Race there was a Rolling Start, why we have a Standing Start suddenly here? Is there any chance of knowing that before the Race? Ok, i was last without a Qualification Time, but at the Start I don´t see the standing Start and everyone went away with full speed and I was 30 Seconds away just after 40 Seconds of Race.

    Then my Wife was ill and in Bed, and my Dog just thought he must be going to the Garden and was Barking in the middle of the Race. So a 5-Minute-Pitstop for me, great. Then a Stop&Go for Speeding.. super Great.

    What an Evening with an absolut Wreckfest...
  20. What a fantastic race. Had some fun trying to keep Martin Maaskan at bay for the last few laps and was so relieved to see the chequered flag.

    I will post more when I have had time to recover and watched the replay.

    Congrats on the win Ivar and to everyone that finished
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